Why Can’t You Buy Marijuana in a Pharmacy?

By May 25, 2015Medical Marijuana Laws


Look, it’s not really that surprising that medical marijuana is big business. You can treat a lot of things ranging from pain, anxiety, lack of appetite to epileptic seizures, multiple sclerosis and even schizophrenia. Still, things aren’t that simple. There are plenty of reasons why you can’t buy weed in a pharmacy yet and one of them is because marijuana is still considered to be a Schedule I Drug, which puts it in the same class as heroin and cocaine. Still, this is a very under-researched drug and because of that it wouldn’t have that many results on it.

81 Active Chemicals

FDA approved drugs so far have been easily regulated so why would you want marijuana to be any different. Plus it took a really long time to research marijuana so basically you have to wait until 1995 for researchers to actually convey their findings in a somewhat reasonable manner. Plus you have to keep in mind that’s THC and CBD are not the only active chemicals in marijuana. Actually there are more than 80 active chemicals in marijuana some of which we have no clue what they’re really doing there.

The Details Are Not In Yet

A friend of mine describes this problem very well. For instance when you look at medicine bottle you can see the details of the actual medicine clearly stated on the label. When we look at cannabis research studies just can see those details are not exactly clear as all marijuana research isn’t exactly conclusive. It is going take a lot more of cannabis research to actually know get that clarity and get to the same conclusion as you would with a Valium or whatever. Plus, it’s one thing when you know when regular people look at marijuana research and it’s a whole different thing when actual scientists look at it because scientists have to stick to a certain set of rules and sometimes the general public just doesn’t understand those rules. You can’t simply declare that cannabis is a cure for cancer when enough research hasn’t been done to actually prove that fact.


One of the major questions that have been popping up lately is how come it hasn’t been re-classified yet. If the drug is properly classified, it could be properly researched and then you could actually make medicine out of it. Surely, there are several issues why things aren’t quite there yet with medical marijuana but one of them is definitely somewhat connected to the government. The future is probably brighter as future research will surely provide us with more conclusive results. Until then, a pretty good pile of marijuana studies has yet to be done.


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