What’s All the Fuzz about CBD Oil?

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Yeah, we all know we live in a world where there is constantly one craze or fad that everyone is raving about. This happens in practically every facet of life, from fashion to health. If you’ve been following health, wellness, fitness, and alternative health product news closely, you must have noticed a few “wonder” drugs or treatments that have been making the rounds.

In our article today, we will be looking at one of these products intending to understand what exactly all the fuzz is about. The product in question is simply known as CBD oil.

The Basics of CBD Oil

CBD is simply an acronym for cannabidiol, one of the major components of the cannabis plant. Yes, we are referring to the same cannabis plant known as marijuana and other exotic names. Here’s the thing though, while it is part of the constituent components of marijuana, it has its distinct properties different from what many have come to know cannabis to possess.

CBD is mostly derived from the hemp plant, which is different from marijuana though they belong to the same family. You can read all about it here.

One of the major things to note is that this compound does not give you that “high” that pot or marijuana does. No sign of it being addictive has also been found. The reason for this is simple.

That “high” feeling, also known as it’s psychoactive effective can be traced to another compound in cannabis known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short. This is the guy responsible for that “high” effect. This compound is however totally absent in CBD oil, putting it in a different class.

What Next?

So we now know that this oil cannot make you high (which may be a disappointment to some), what then does it offer?

Well, the rave about cannabidiol oils is mainly due to the numerous health benefits that are being attributed to it. If all of these claims are true, then it indeed qualifies as a wonderful alternative health treatment solution.

Let’s look at some of these claims.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

It has been credited with being effective in the treatment of several health conditions in both humans and pets. These include the following:

Anorexia, acne, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, drug addiction and withdrawal, glaucoma and epilepsy. Others include high blood pressure, muscle spasms, insomnia, and Parkinson’s disease.

A pretty impressive list we must say. How much of this is merely wishful thinking and how much is real is still a subject of contention? While extensive studies have yet to be carried out on these, some swear by it while others advise caution as studies are carried out.

You can read about some of these arguments here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/16/style/self-care/cbd-oil-benefits.html.

Despite all of the above disagreements, one thing that everyone on all sides have agreed on is that there is something about this product that calls for further investigation. Too many users have testified to its efficacy in treating different conditions that it is impossible to ignore.

What can, however, be confirmed to some level of certainty is that is helpful in the treatment of the following:


A study appears to have confirmed this claim. Intake of CBD was found to have reduced the flow of blood to the part of the brain that plays a prominent role in increasing the state of anxiety. Interestingly, it also simultaneously increases the flow of blood to the parts that help in the reduction of anxiety.

While studies on this are still on-going, the results so far are promising.


Not much study has been carried out on humans for this. However, studies carried out on animals have proven highly successful in the treatment of depression.


Several studies have shown promise in this direction. It is being considered by some to be a breakthrough in the treatment and management of inflammations and different kinds of chronic pains.


No other endorsement can be more than the approval of a CBD product by the FDA for treating two forms of serious and rare cases of epilepsy. Different trials have been carried out with significantly impressive success rates. The trials are still going on but the truth in this cannot be denied.

There are a lot of other significant findings that you will find regarding the many benefits of CBD oil if you search online. We will, however, make do with these for now.

Before You Start Taking CBD Oil

Having read all of the above, you may be excited and want to quickly rush off to get yours. Before you do, there are a few things you need to understand. The first and most important thing to note is that not every CBD product out there is legit.

As a result of the boom in popularity, you have an increase in unscrupulous sellers who may not be selling top quality products. To ensure you get the full benefits that CBD oil promises, you should ensure you get from genuine sellers. You can check out Cheef If you do not know where to find one.

The next thing to take note of is the dosage. Because a lot of the studies regarding this treatment are still in their infancy, the issue of dosage is still contentious. It is therefore important that you start taking this in very little doses and increase it till you find the right dose for you.

Talk to your doctor and other experts in this field for more help, especially if you are on some medication. One thing is sure and that is that CBD oil is effective and has come to stay.


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