Water Bongs : A Beginner’s Guide

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Water Bongs

Water bongs are also referred to as glass water pipes or just plain old bongs. They have been used to combust cannabis for thousands of years and come in many varieties, shapes and sizes. The first traces of water bong usage goes back hundreds of years and can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty in China. In the article below we will be discussing the background to water bongs, their differences between other bongs and pipes, as well as how to smoke weed through your water bong and finally where to buy one online.

Water bongs are entrenched in cannabis culture and today many cannabis enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars on purchasing bongs just for their aesthetic properties. They are one of the most commonly used smoking devices and very popular amongst the cannabis community across the globe.

What are Water Bongs

A water bong typically it is any bong or pipe that holds water through a component known as a chamber and this differentiates it from a dry bong. They may be made out of numerous materials such as glass, bamboo, acrylic, clay and even made out of plastics. Bongs basically have a couple distinguishing components in order to be classified as a bong, namely a chamber, mouthpiece, air inlet, a bowl and a base.

The Components of a Bong

  • Chamber – captures and channels the smoke as well as holds the water in the base of the bong.
  • Mouthpiece –  this is where your mouth goes and the place you inhale the smoke.
  • Air inlet or clutch – flushes the smoke to the mouth.
  • Glass bowl – also known as a removable downstem or socket pipe. This is the main bowl that holds the weed or bud and when ignited directs the resulting smoke through to the chamber.
  • The base  – bottom piece of your water bong could be made from almost any material and essentially holds the bong upright.

Materials used to Make a Bong

Glass – popular material used today to make bongs. It’s fairly cheap and offers clean pure taste because the glass does not affect the flavour of the weed. Glass is easy to clean when there is resin buildup and because it’s transparent you will know when its due for its next clean.

Plastic – plastic is very readily available, cheap and durable. They are not as easy to break as glass bongs and an obvious choice for when you are travelling. The only downside to plastic bongs is that it is generally agreed that the plastic affects the flavor of the weed.  

Ceramic – these bongs come in all shapes and sizes and the reason for this is its generally a cheap material that is extremely malleable. Because ceramic bongs are hand-made they are generally more expensive than plastic bongs.

Bamboo – also a popular material used to make bongs. Bamboo bongs may vary from a simple design through to detailed metal finishings and many components. These bongs are durable and will last forever if you treat them right. Bamboo bongs also tend to change the flavor of weed slightly although this is usually only when its a new bong, before its first few washes.

Bongs may be made from just about any material and can also be divided into types of bongs, namely, carburettor bong, straight tube bong, beaker bong, multi-chamber bongs, percolator bongs and even gravity bongs.

What are the differences between Water Bongs and Glass Pipes

The biggest difference is that a water bong will hold water, while a glass pipe as known as dry pipes will not. A glass pipe is usually a handheld device used to smoke dry herb or concentrates. It only has a herb chamber at one end and a mouthpiece down the stem on the other end. The glass may be multi-colored or plain and there are also color-changing glass pipes available today.

How to Smoke Weed through Water Bongs

Firstly you need your cannabis flower and a bong. Additionally, you will need H2O or water to officially make your bong a water bong and ready to smoke!  

Fill your bong with water through the mouthpiece into the chamber. The water should just cover the downstem of the bowl so that while holding the clutch covered and inhaling through the mouthpiece you get bubbles in the water. Pack the bowl with some ground bud and while drawing on the mouthpiece light the bud in the bowl. Breathing in creates a vacuum within the chamber and the vacuum displaces the water. The constant upward vacuum and the force of gravity both cause the water to act like liquid diaphragm. This pulls smoke into the chamber from the bowl repeatedly to relieve the constant vacuum pressure. Breathing in keeps the vacuum and diaphragm working to fill the chamber with smoke.

As the bowl of bud is finished the carb hole is opened letting fresh air rush into the chamber, this flushes the smoke quickly out and into the lungs through the mouthpiece. The water in the chamber that the smoke is filtered through catches leftover embers and ash as well as acts a semi smoke filter removing tar and other unwanted compounds.

What should I know when I buy water bongs online first time

Well if you have got this far in the article you are armed with important information such as the design and components of a water bong. There are loads of online shops that sell water bongs so before you make a purchase always check upon the retailer before making your purchase. Below are some important points to know before you purchase:

1 – Are they reputable retails: Do they have a well-developed website with contact details and customer reviews?

2 – Social media presence: Almost all reputable companies have a social media presence and this a  great place to start looking at customer reviews.

3 – Quality products and affordable prices: Research the bong you are interested in, there are many comparative shopping portals online where you can check price and delivery times.

Buying water bongs online offers you by far the widest range of products as well as you will be doing it from the convenience of your home. Nowadays, there are many reliable online headshops in the United States as weed has been legalized in more and more states. Therefore, you can feel safe to buy water bongs online today. Happy bubbling.



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