Using CBD for Anxiety

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CBD for Anxiety

There certainly isn’t a shortage of all natural remedies promising the moon and the stars when it comes to anxiety relief and helping people push back against pain, migraines, nausea – as well as helping people visit the Sandman a lot faster every night when they lay down to go to bed.

What there is a shortage of, however, is all natural remedies that can ACTUALLY deliver the goods on those big promises.

CBD oil does not have that problem.

Recognized by a mountain of research (legitimate research conducted by professionals the world over) as one of the most effective all-natural healing agents we have ever come across, CBD is the “kissing cousin” of THC – both of which are found in cannabis plants.

The major difference between these chemical compounds is that THC will get you sky-high whereas CBD includes no psychoactive compounds and only delivers a pain relief, anxiety management, and sleep assistant payload that’s better than anything else you’ll find on the market today – without the side effects of prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

Earth Mined, a relative newcomer to the CBD product industry, promises to offer one of the best quality CBD indigestible/edible options on the market today. These little gummies are designed to help you push back against anxiety, help you get higher quality sleep every night, and help you never again have to worry about general aches and pains regardless of what they might be caused by.

Sure, all of that sounds a little bit too good to be true on the surface and like promises you may have heard before.

But these are the real deal!

Is CBD For Real When It Comes to Treating Anxiety?

The first thing people notice when they take CBD for anxiety (whether that’s through a gummy, tincture, or anything else makes no difference) is the overwhelming sense of calmness, of centeredness, and of relaxation that washes over them almost immediately.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse as well as the Journal of Psychopharmacology both agree that CBD for anxiety has been clinically proven to reduce stress in animals as well as humans. Two independent clinical studies conducted by both of these organizations showed significantly lower signs of anxiety (including lower heart rates, major sign of anxiety) when individuals were given CBD for anxiety.

Another independent study from showed that CBD for anxiety worked tremendously when given to those dealing with social anxiety disorder as well as those living with PTSD (regardless of the underlying source of that PTSD).

In 2017, a medical report published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that individuals that took oral CBD for anxiety weren’t just able to better control their anxiety and their mental state but were also able to dramatically lower instances of seizures. This study helped the FDA give their stamp of approval on the first-ever prescription drug to include CBD as an active ingredient.

The jury has spoken when it comes to whether or not CBD helps to control and mitigate anxiety, and the verdict is that it very much does!

How CBD Works to Manage Anxiety

When it comes to CBD gummies, this edible CBD product has been specifically designed to help individuals that are dealing with anxiety overcome this problem without having to turn to potentially dangerous (in both the short and long term) over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Rather than deal with those chemical cocktails cooked up in laboratories somewhere where the side effects still aren’t fully understood, CBD gummy bears trigger the 5-HT receptors in all of our brains to release a flood of serotonin that lowers our anxiety, manages our mood, and improves our overall happiness (without having to deal with any man-made chemicals along the way).

It certainly doesn’t hurt that some gummies are also high in vitamin B12 and vitamin D3, to all natural vitamins essential to overall mood management as well as to chemical compounds known to push back against depression, anxiety, and stress.

With absolutely zero THC these gummies are great for anyone looking to take a vantage of CBD without ever having to worry about the psychoactive impact of THC (the chemical compound that gets you high). Folks of all ages are able to take full advantage of the anxiety eliminating benefits of CBD, no matter what form it comes in.

Figuring out your correct dosage is a big piece of the puzzle and it is recommend taking anywhere between one and three gummies (depending on the MGs) at first to figure out exactly how many you need to get your mood where you are looking to be.

You don’t have to worry about overdosing on CBD the way you might with over-the-counter or prescription drugs, but most people find that one, one and ½, or two gummies at once are usually enough to get them where they are looking to be.




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