Top 5 Reasons for Voting ‘Yes” in the next Marijuana Poll

By August 19, 2018Articles, Marijuana Laws
voting yes marijuana poll

Every now and then you get to see some states or countries holding polls on whether to legalize marijuana or not. Well, it is common that in some cases the popular vote might be against the marijuana legalization process. Some of these people might need a bit of convincing just to see how much they can benefit from the use of marijuana. Below, we get to look at the top reasons you have to vote “Yes” for marijuana legalization. If you want to find great products go to

  1. Marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco

For the longest time, alcohol and tobacco have brought so much havoc to families. This is where some lead to addiction and death sometimes. You can always get many people having different types of illnesses and injuries when it comes to using alcohol and tobacco products. This definitely leads to expensive health-care, lost productivity, and even the law-enforcement expenses.

Things are different when it comes to use of marijuana. All the time marijuana has been in use; it has never caused a fatal overdose. It goes to show that marijuana has more benefits to offer as compared to alcohol and tobacco products.

  1. Marijuana is expensive to prohibit

Just like any other prohibited substance, it needs money to curb the use or marijuana. With the war on marijuana, there is the need to invest money in prosecuting those who might use marijuana. It is the reason you get states that have prohibited it setting aside enough money to fight use of marijuana.

Things are different for those that have legalized marijuana. Such states have commercialized marijuana, making it possible to use it in various places without the fear of getting arrested. In such states, even the funds from marijuana sales are used for development and other useful projects.

  1. Prohibiting marijuana funds gangs and cartels

For the longest time, the drug trade has been a good source of income for the gangs and cartels. The cartels will always thrive in places where marijuana is prohibited. This is because you will have to go to them to get the drug. It can even be dangerous for marijuana users as you meet in dark alleys or streets just to get your dose of marijuana,

When it comes to marijuana cartels, they also get their marijuana at a low price from the farmer. It does makes no sense when it comes to being in the business as a farmer. With legalization, people can get the safe marijuana from dispensaries and licensed stores. This makes the growth of cartels and gangs to a minimum as compared to places where marijuana is prohibited.

  1. Multiple health benefits

There is no doubt you must have read about how marijuana is good when it comes to its medical benefits. You can use it to treat a number of diseases under supervision. Just make sure to consult with your doctor first before using marijuana for medicinal purposes. With many dispensaries available right now, access to medical marijuana is not a problem. You will always be able to have a great time using marijuana for various conditions.

The best part about marijuana is that it can also replace the toxic and addictive pharmaceuticals. As a result, you end up with something that works great for you. No more being addicted to the toxic pharmaceuticals.

  1. Legalization of marijuana simply works

Legalization of marijuana in various states and countries is now faster than ever before. This is because they see that there is nothing wrong with it as they might have thought before. As a result, you should get more states opting for marijuana legalization.

Based on the studies of how other states are benefiting from marijuana legalization, it is more reason to have more states following the same. Countries such as Canada have even legalized recreational marijuana in addition to medical marijuana. If you want, you can see our inside process for vapor distillation. This is quite a boost to the industry that is now growing rapidly.

As you can see from the reasons above, marijuana is not the worst thing you might have been taught to know. As a result, you will always end up with marijuana that is good for you and still for many more in the state. It is no longer a hypothetical policy proposal as many states that have legalized marijuana have many reasons to run smoothly.


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