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Even though Marijuana continues to be illegal in many parts of the world, there are still individuals who secretly grow and use the product at the confines of their homes. The heavy penalties placed by government authorities have not deterred the Marijuana business across the world either. Some activists and celebrities have persistently advocated for the use of Marijuana for medical purposes after it helped them treat chronic pains caused by cancer and other serious pain-causing ailments.

There are so many life-saving benefits associated with the use of Marijuana apart from its medicinal value and, this should ring a bell hard enough to legalize Marijuana products.

Let’s focus on the top 10 reasons marijuana should be made legal


  1. To begin with, trying to prohibit the use of Marijuana by authorities has failed to down the voices seeking to have Marijuana legitimized. The issue of marijuana legalization is a fight that will never go away, in fact, most Marijuana users have come out to stand any form of injustices related to marijuana probation and, continue advocating for legalization. There is no level of threats and arrest that has made the users give up on championing for the legalization of Marijuana.
  2. Use of Marijuana has positive impacts, which include recreation and medical value. Most Americans use Marijuana to relieve pain and treat other critical ailments. Marijuana is also preferred to use of alcohol because it provides a more relaxing effect. Most people who use Marijuana do so after making an informed decision and conclude that it is good for them and, that the benefit it will give them outweighs the risks involved. For those users who realize along the way that the risks are getting too much to handle, the immediate decision is usually to stop.
  3. Marijuana can be the highest economic contributor if legalized. You must have heard of people being arrested with Marijuana rolls worth millions of dollars and, you can just imagine the amount taxes the government will receive from Marijuana dealers if at all it was a legal business. Law enforcement agencies tend to waste a lot of time and efforts trying to form committees to investigate and arrest Marijuana users which costs the government a lot of money.
  4. Marijuana is not lethal compared to other drugs. Experts have proven through research that smoking Tobacco and drinking alcohol is riskier as compared to Marijuana.
  5. Marijuana has been outlawed on the basis of untruthful circumstances and lack of information. Even though researchers have confirmed the safety and health benefits of using Marijuana, policy makers adamantly rely on their own selective assumptions that, Marijuana is dangerous to physical and mental health. So many smokers have proved over the years that they can use Marijuana responsibly without causing any harm to people around them.
  6. Legalizing Marijuana will starve criminal organizations and terrorist of funds. Illegal Marijuana business makes the act of cultivating and smuggling outside a country so profitable particularly to the criminal organizations with harsh and harmful ideologies.
  7. Making Marijuana illegal makes it more available to teenagers than if it was legalized. Allowing use of Marijuana will provide an opportunity of controlling the use and sales. Controlling marijuana business will prevent excessive sales and reduce the number of incentives available for youngsters to sell the marijuana.
  8. Illegalization of Marijuana propagates racisms ideas; this is because Blacks and Hispanics form a larger percentage of the people who get arrested for Marijuana related offenses. Law enforcement agencies, particularly in United States, have failed to show that punishments related to Marijuana can be served fairly across all races. Blacks and Hispanics are at higher risk of getting arrested for use of Marijuana as compared to whites.
  9. Authorities all over the world have failed in the fight against Marijuana. Growing is done all over the world and the number of users increases every day, this is an indication that it is very difficult to eliminate the use of Marijuana in America or any other part of the world, and should therefore just be legalized.
  10. Growing Marijuana as an agricultural crop that is beneficial will be made easy if Marijuana was legalized. Hemp can be processed into a biofuel to help minimize emissions of carbon. Using Hemp as a fuel source also helps reduce too much dependency on oil resources to produce energy and decrease demand for food.


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