The Most Popular Methods of Cannabis Consumption

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Cannabis is a popular plant because it has a number of medical uses. Many consume cannabis products because they offer a level of intoxication that people cherish to experience. There are available a number of acclaimed methods of cannabis consumption and for Cbd Manufacturing.

Acclaimed Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Following are some of the popular methods of cannabis consumption: –


Smoking dried cannabis flower using a pipe is a common method of cannabis ingestion. When cannabis products are inhaled then it results in a chain reaction which delivers the cannabinoids to the system with extreme efficiency.

Upon smoking cannabis inhalation, the effects start almost instantly and lasts for 30 minutes to 1 or 3 hours. The raw cannabis flowers give the users a good control over the source, strain as well as the cannabinoid content than any other method of cannabis consumption. However, it is important to understand that cannabis inhalation is detrimental to health as the smoke generated as a cause of cannabis burning contains carcinogenic compounds.


Vaping is an effective way to consume cannabis. The effects can be felt within a short span of time post-inhalation. The effect lasts for thirty minutes to a couple of hours. Vaping is considered the cleanest and healthiest methods to consume the plant.


Many users of cannabis prefer the substance in the edible form. This process may be a bit slow as the cannabinoids reach the body cells via the liver. Edibles are available in a wide variety of forms including snacks, sodas, ice-cream, chocolate, mints, and pizza.

It takes roughly 15 minutes to 2 hours to exhibit the effect of intoxication. The intoxication may last for about 4 to 6 hours and it depends on the dosage accepted by the cannabis user. Cannabis in edible form is regarded as the most convenient form of consumption. It may happen that cannabis users consume the product in large doses and when that happens the users remain intoxicated for a long period of time.


Cannabis-based tinctures are immensely popular among the common cannabis consumers. There are available a wide range of cannabinoid formulations and dosages. The thing about the tinctures is that they are absorbed sublingually and because of that they enter the bloodstream, fast.

The effect of the alcohol-based tinctures is fast compared to the edibles. The intoxication effect of the cannabis tinctures is felt within 20-30 minutes. Frequent users of cannabis tinctures find that the intoxication effect lasts for several hours and this depends on the dosage accepted by the user. Cannabis tinctures are often administered with alcohol and that is often not accepted by many users. The cannabis tinctures required to be stored appropriately or else they get destroyed.


Ayurvedic practitioners use cannabis-enriched lotions and balms for centuries. The cannabinoids are assimilated into the skin and they are mostly used for therapeutic purposes.

It takes 5 minutes to 2 hours to start the effect of intoxication. The intoxicating effect lasts for a period of 12 hours. The topical form of cannabis is used to treat pain and skin inflammation. They are also very effective in treating arthritis, skin conditions, bone fractures, migraines, cramping.

Full Spectrum Oil

Full spectrum oil also known as RSO oil is yet another method of cannabis consumption. The oil has a number of healing attributes. It is useful to cure cancers. The full spectrum oil has medicinal attributes and because of that, it is extensively used for medical purposes. The effect of the oil starts within 15 minutes and its effect lasts for about 1 hour to 4 hours. If you want to get a big quantity you should check out Wholesale Cbd Oil. The oil is highly effective to stop the growth of various types of skin cancers and tumors.


Dabbing is a new form of cannabis consumption. It is best suited for high-tolerance users. In this process a small amount of marijuana is heated atop a titanium nail, causing combustion. If you are ingesting a small amount of cannabis, understand that it contains a significant amount of THC. The effects of dabbing are strong and effective when compared to other forms cannabis products. The effect of dabbing starts immediately post-inhalation. The duration of dabbing lasts longer when compared to other inhalation methods.

The dabbing method is best for seriously ill patients. It can be an effective and efficient way to get a large number of cannabinoids into the system. Users of dabbing love the flavors and tastes of the cannabis products used in the cannabis consumption process.

However, dabbing has some negative points and they include that dabbing process quickly raise the user’s tolerance and as a result, other forms of ingestion are not felt. It is understood that the consumption of cannabis and hence THC in high doses can result in nausea, anxiety and even passing out.

For additional information on the different methods of cannabis consumption visit relevant websites, online.


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