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grasshopper vape pen

The grasshopper vape pen is a product of Hopper labs which is a crowd-funded project lab in the States. It was launched in 2013 but started shipping in 2016 due to the various challenges faced by the company. The Grasshopper is one of the fantastic vape pens in regard to its size, functionality, and durability all which will be tackled in our review.


Size and Build

The Grasshopper vaporizer is one of the smallest and lightest on the market. It is a little taller like any other writing pen which makes it slimmer than most vape pens. This is my most favorite feature as it provides complete discreteness. You can even fiddle with your grasshopper vape pen in a boardroom meeting without anyone taking notice.

The pen is about 5.6 inches tall and a little more than, 0.5 inch in diameter. The Stainless Steel model weighs around 67 grams while the titanium model is roughly 55 grams. In comparison to Pax 2, the Haze and Mighty vaporizers, the Grasshopper weighs almost half of the lightest of them.

The pens have an official, durable and industrial finish. The parts are machined extremely well, and a just-right weight.

Box contents

  • A Grasshopper vaporizer
  • A silicone mouthpiece
  • A USB cable charger
  • A manual

The units come in three different models; the stainless steel model which is the cheapest, the titanium model and a colored titanium model that comes in purple, Blue, Green and gray colors. The main difference between the steel and the titanium models is the weight; the stainless still weighs 20 grams less than the titanium model which is more resistant to scratches and stays cooler than the stainless steel model.

Vaping with the Grasshopper

The unit is turned on by clicking the end top just like you would to a pen. The red LED means that the Unit is on, while the blue LED indicates that the unit is preheated and ready to use. The grasshopper is very easy to use and has a complete temperature spectrum via a rotary dial.

The dial has five hash marks each representing a 20 degrees Celsius change in temperature. You can, however, set the temperature in between the hash numbers to suit your vaping needs. The full temperature spectrum runs from 130C – 210C. The dial is easy to use; a full counterclockwise turn will put you to the minimum temperature while the vice versa will leave you at the max temperature. It would have been great to have clicks at each temperature level, but they are not there.

It is also great if you get some glass to use with the unit at home. You can get the smaller hydro tubes from pinnacle pro or a d020-d and d021 from ‘dhgate’. The glass only enhances the home experiences since you are not hiding it from anyone as it produces huge clouds and high temperatures.

The higher temperature produces more vapor than the lower temperature which vaporizes smooth and thick vapor. Due to the proximity between the chamber and the mouthpiece, the vapor tends to be hot when released. This can be changed by folding the unit in your palms in between the draws.

The marijuana vaporizer,  automatically powers itself off after every 8 seconds of no draws, to turn it back on just double click at the top end.

How to load your vape pen

The Grasshopper is a herb only vaporizer. Therefore, you will need herb grinders with you. I prefer using Santa Cruz Shredder,and the Space Case crusher although any other grinder will be fine. The Grasshopper uses a 3D metal laser sintering which creates compact, high flow, adjustable wattage heating element. The heater can peak at 45 watts and can heat up to 410F per second. Unlike most portable vaporizers, the grasshopper does not lose heat as you draw aggressively.

The chamber holds about 0.3 grams of herb when completely packed which is excess if you are vaping by yourself. An ideal amount will be 0.15 grams for solo vape sessions as you will need to empty the chamber after every session and the unit also works relatively well with a lightly packed chamber. Care is also needed when loading the chamber because it is long and narrow.

Battery and Charging

The unit uses internal replaceable batteries that can be charged via a USB cable. You can have more than one battery for convenience purposes. A fully charged battery gives between 4 – 6 bowls, and it takes 45 -70 minutes to get fully charged.  The battery lasts long for its size and can be easily replaced. The grasshopper offers pass-through charging while using it at the same time.

Cleaning and maintenance

The grasshopper is pretty much easy to clean and maintain. Make sure to empty the chamber out after every single use. The mouthpiece requires s cleaning after a couple of uses, to achieve this drop it into a jar of ISO then shake it a bit before rinsing it with clean water and let it dry. The unit does not require thorough cleaning as long as you empty the chamber after every use and giving it some external wipes.

Pros and Con of Grasshopper vaporizer


  • Has a quick heating time for a portable vaporizer taking only five seconds
  • Simple to use as it is straightforward and without complicated temperature settings like In Pax 2 or Mighty vaporizers
  • It does not require much cleaning, and its small size makes it easier to maintain. The stainless steel or titanium cover make it withstand rough handling.
  • The unit works well with glass drawing.
  • Its small size makes it’s very convenient to carry around like a pen without attracting attention.


  • It is cumbersome loading the chamber due to its small size
  • The unit gets hotter on prolonged use mainly on the mouthpiece
  • It produces hot, uncomfortable vapor.

Overall the grasshopper is an excellent addition to the growing vaporizer market, and if you need something official and discrete, then you need to get yourself the Grasshopper vape pen as this is one of my favorite vaporizer reviews. As we have seen, it has a few cons, but it’s nothing unmanageable.


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