The Differences Between Red White and Green Kratom Strains

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Kratom is a tropical herb that registers an insecure space in the news headlines. Owing to its global popularity, many vendors have joined the bandwagon to sell it online. However, gone are the days when people would consume their leaves after boiling them. In today’s time, there are multiple ways to consume this plant. The most common form of consuming kratom is as a powder. The benefit of using kratom powder is that it is available in different strains in the market.

Have you ever heard of red, white and green kratom strain? If yes, we will guide you through all three of them till the end of this discussion.

Keep in mind, the benefits and side effects of kratom felt by its fans are the same. However, there are differences between the effects of kratom strains

What is red kratom strain?

Also known as red vein kratom, it is a popular strain that is often listed as a best seller on many websites. People who consume this strain, claim it is the best one available in the market. The interesting part to note about the popularity of this strain is that it sells more than white and green combined. This strain is manufactured in Southeast Asia and is better than other kratom strains. Some studies suggest that the red color of the strain ensures that it is more powerful than the others.

If you want good quality red vein kratom, then head over to the golden monk online. People who use this strain claim that provides calming effects to the body and instills optimism in a person’s mind. Insomniacs often use this strain for they claim it helps in giving a good night’s sleep.

What is the white kratom strain?

Commonly known as white vein kratom, it is another popular strain that enjoys massive popularity around the globe. It is loved by kratom fans for they claim it enhances the mood and plants a smile on their faces. Furthermore, kratom fans move on to conclude that it helps them in improving their lifestyle. White kratom strain is commonly used to make kratom coffee for staying active. However, none of the medical research confirms any such facts. People often drink white kratom kava in South Florida bars and applaud it.

Just like other kratom strains, white kratom shares the same side effects, and doctors prescribe people to stay away from it.

What is green kratom strain?

This strain can be placed somewhere between the red vein and white vein kratom.  Kratom users claim that it is a mild energy booster. Many people claim it helps in improving their focus. However, many use it in tea because it helps in losing weight. Don’t forget, weight loss is a proven side effect of kratom that is why people who are suffering from obesity often use it. Green vein kratom can be mixed with other kratom strains for a different taste.

In some countries of the world where kratom is legal, this strain is often given to patients who are suffering from side effects of excessive anesthesia.



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