The Curious Case of The US Government Marijuana Investment


The thing with the US government is that they are a sneaky group of buggers. For instance, and we have already written about this maybe hundreds of times, the US government has led a dual life for some time now. You see, on a federal level marijuana is a Schedule I drug. It hangs out in the same prison cell as cocaine and heroin. Needles to say, it obviously doesn’t have the same effects on people as two of his buddies. When something is classified as a Schedule I drug, it doesn’t have any use whatsoever; it cannot be used for medicinal purposes. With that in mind, marijuana should not be seen, heard or smelled anywhere in the entire United States of America.

Schedule I Drug

Yet Colorado and Washington haven’t only legalized it for medicinal use but for recreational use as well. How do you explain that? How do you explain that more than 25 states have legalized medical marijuana in the US and yet, marijuana is a Schedule I Drug. California has legalized medical marijuana in the 90’s, for Gods sake. So, we live in a fairly nonsensical world where medical marijuana exists on two levels, one as a drug with no use and the other as a valuable ally in curing cancer. Those are two radical extremes, don’t you think?

$69 Million

With that in mind, we recently received word that the US Government is about to invest $69 million in medical marijuana research. Needless to say, that is a hefty sum to plow into research if you don’t believe that the drug has any use whatsoever. Which would explain why the government wants to keep marijuana functioning at both a legal and illegal level. That gives them tremendous power and practically no responsibility. And that is why you have news that every now and then a perfectly legal medical marijuana establishment has gone bust due to a raid or something.

Afraid of the Competition?

The government clearly wants to be a couple of steps ahead of the game, they recognize the value in researching medical marijuana and want not only a huge piece of the present pie but the biggest possible piece of every pie we make in the future. Meaning – they want to be able to control the entire marijuana industry as they already have patents filed on a bunch of medical marijuana related issues. To be honest, as we mentioned before, $69 million is a hefty sum and one that would be really hard to justify if you weren’t on to something big. We can only hope that they wont ruing everything for the rest of us when Monsanto starts selling us marijuana seeds and genetically modified weed that makes your hair fall out when you smoke it.


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