The CBD Craze: Why Everyone Is Starting Up a New CBD Business and What to Avoid When Shopping

By May 20, 2019Articles, CBD
CBD Craze

There is nothing more popular in the world of wellness like CBD. The market seems to be exploding with the green boom and somebody seems to be incorporated into everything from bath bombs to protein powders and even coffee. After the 2014 Farm Bill and hemp CBD was legalized in all states, a majority of people seem to be opening up CBD businesses and getting it online is very easy.

The problem with everyone starting a CBD business is the fact that some of them are just multi-level marketing schemes and they don’t necessarily sell the right quality CBD products. This means that you need to be extra careful when purchasing CBD products online.

When buying CBD products become challenging

This is a really buyers-beware situation because while the market has a lot of fantastic CBD based health and wellness products, it is still very new and quite unregulated in most States. The FDA is not involved in regulatory monitoring the creation or distribution of these products. So when there isn’t strict scrutiny of the concoctions, the labels, and the creation process, some people are taking advantage and creating low-quality products just to make money. As a matter of fact, when FDA conducted a study around these products, they found that most of them don’t even contain any CBD. It would be such a waste if you purchased a CBD product without any CBD at all because it will not help you in anyway.

A Study in 2017 also tested CBD products and 26% of them contained less CBD than advertised on the label. This means that the people who purchased this product did not get the maximum benefits they should have from the products. This means it is very important that you educate yourself before CBD can be properly regulated. This information is quite shocking, so you need to know exactly what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for your CBD product.

Buy from the right brand

The first thing you need to do is legitimately get to know a good cannabis brand like this company. Only look for the brands that are transparent in giving customers the information they need. Before you start to actually investigate the product, the brand that created it is much more important. Check how much the brand knows about CBD and how much information they are offering in their ingredients. They should be doing the right research and not just plastering words on their products. The more efficacy and trust you develop for a brand the better of you are.

Opt for domestically sourced products

It is only right that you get to know the origin all the products you intend to use. Hemp is an incredibly powerful crop that cleans the soil by absorbing everything in and around it. This means that it absorbs the heavy metals, the pesticides, the toxins and any nuclear fallout. It is very important that you get to know where hemp came from and that it grew from a responsible farming practice. It should be safe for human consumption.

Go for full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD instead of isolate

Hemp has more than 100 compounds apart from CBD and when they work together they are more beneficial than CBD isolate. CBD isolate is quite cheap and it’s not as effective as the full of broad-spectrum. CBD isolate which means pure CBD is not as effective and comes to pain or inflammation management. This does not necessarily mean the CBD isolate is bad or useless, it is also effective but full or broad spectrum means you get the benefits of the whole plant


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