You know things are changing when one of the most conservative states starts to acknowledge marijuana not only for medicinal purposes but for recreational use as well. According to a recent poll, 49% of Texans are now in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use while an overwhelming 77% support legalization of medical marijuana. University of Texas conducted the survey, which consisted out of 1,200 people. Its not the biggest sample in the world but it’s enough to portray public opinion in a realistic light. The support expressed in the poll is probably a result of increased awareness related to expenditures that revolve around the arrests of marijuana users. Clearly, it’s a waste of taxpayer’s money and arresting somebody just because they were caught with a joint can ruin a person’s life. That’s the official opinion of the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. Its funny how tides are shifting and opinions are changing on an almost daily basis. The fluctuation of support for medical marijuana has always been unpredictable but with the new marijuana frenzy that is sweeping across the U.S., we are bound to see more states expressing similar attitudes toward medical marijuana.

Taxpayers Money Is Wasted

Only last year, over 73,000 people were arrested in Texas solely for possession of marijuana. That number is not only alarming but it became even more concerning when we discovered that those arrests represent 59% of all drug related arrests in the state. Even though the support for marijuana has been amazing, Governor Rick Perry doesn’t expect Texas to legalize marijuana in the near future. To be honest, nobody expects Texas to make the same moves as Washington and Colorado but the people of Texas will decide when and if the time is right to legalize marijuana. With more than 20 states that have already legalized marijuana for medical purposes, Texas is going to have a tough chance saying no to its people. On the other hand, State Senator Wendy Davis, the opposing Democrat candidate looking to replace Perry, loudly supports medical marijuana. The other counter candidate, Attorney General Greg Abbott supports the opinion that already existing Texas laws should be strengthened and even more rigorous than they already are. We expect Mr. Abbot to go down in flames because in Texas, if you’re caught with up to two ounces of marijuana, you are looking at 180 days jail time and $2,000 fine. If you’re caught with over 5 pounds, 2 years in jail are inevitable.

Validity of The Poll

As you already know, medical marijuana is prescribed for a variety of illnesses, ranging from glaucoma to back pain and nausea. In most cases, cancer patients consume weed because it alleviates their nausea and pain from chemotherapy. Plus, it helps them eat after they lost their appetite. It’s not logical to deny people treatment with marijuana; it should be available to everyone, not only the chosen few. Of, course this poll has been criticized because it was conducted online, not in a controlled environment and therefore not completely random.