Reasons for Legalizing Marijuana

Heated debates have been going on throughout the world about the legalizing of weed. This has come as a result of people becoming more aware that it is a good herb after all. Sometimes you would wonder why the government would want to fix a God created herb through tough regulations. For many years, weed has been stereotyped by many to be for gangsters, terrorists or even the herb that causes madness. However, we have seen research recommending the use of weed compounds in the treatment of a variety of ailments such as depression, diabetes and even cancer. It has led to an awakening and many people calling for its legalization. We are going to look at the essential reasons on why marijuana should be legalized worldwide.

1.Medicinal Applications

Extensive research has shown that weed compounds such as THC and CBD are medicinal. These compounds have been used lately to treat and control many ailments. For instance, in cancer treatment, we have chemotherapy, a process that aims at burning the cells affected. This process is usually painful. However, with marijuana, the pain and other side effects such as nausea and vomiting are greatly reduced.

In patients with depression, marijuana has been recommended as it lightens the mood. Chronic pains like the back pains can be reduced by the use of marijuana. Use of CBD reduces the magnitude and frequency of seizures. Hence, if at all marijuana would be legalized, it would give an opportunity to extensive researches which maybe could be the remedies we have been looking for all through.

2. Not harmful as Stipulated

All over the world, majority of the people have been brought up being told that marijuana is a killer. Kids are told that marijuana is a bad substance when consumed. Mostly the myths state that when you start using weed, you have put a death sentence for yourself. However, this is not the case. If marijuana is used well, it can prove to be a vital substance to many. For instance, it is less harmful than alcohol. The latter is legal. Actually, in the United States alone, use of tobacco and alcohol leads in the number of deaths caused by their abuse.

3. Additional Revenue to the Government

Legalizing marijuana would do the economy more than good. A quick look at Colorado (a State that fully legalized weed) shows that in the first months of 2014 alone, they made $25 million in revenue from the weed business. If at all pot was made legal, the income generated in the business could benefit the citizens of various states. It could assist in bettering the education systems, health sector and generally improve the social welfare of many. Another important point to note is that fighting weed use is expensive. The amount of money the government uses in the fight of this good herb is alarming. These finances could be put to much better uses.

However, you will find that the cartels in the weed industry try as much to prevent its legalization as this would mean that their monopolistic powers at the moment could be curtailed.

4.Solving Unemployment Problem

Globally, unemployment has been rampant with many governments finding it a pain in the neck. However, the bites of this menace could be eased with the legalization of marijuana. Many jobs would be created in the cultivation, care and harvest of marijuana. However, many governments are yet to see this reality of a gold mine in the pot industry.


Weed legalization would make many breathe a sigh of relief. This is because it is not a bad herb as many think of it. After all, even if it is not legalized, people will still consume it. Hence it would be better to allow its use as this would not infringe on consumers’ rights.


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