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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the trends in the marijuana world then you’ll know that concentrates are more popular than ever. With a surge in possibility, however, comes a rise in shoddy products. There are many out there who’d give you a sub-par concentrate and charge you far too much for it. But with Rosinbomb you’re in safe hands. Originally starting life as a family run business with an orientation towards machine creation, they have in recent years turned their attention to the making of rosin presses, with fantastic results.


Everything from Rosinbomb is quality but the Rosinbomb Rocket and Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press are two that we think you’re going to love. Both of these units operate with maximum efficiency and are just the thing to get you making high level concentrates at affordable prices.

Sleek Design

The first thing you’d notice about these units from Rosinbombs is their striking, streamlined design. Both of these units boast cool-looking stainless steel exteriors. Many other presses on the market can look cheaply produced with substandard materials in use. This can only leave you with poor concentrates in the end.


On the other hand, Rosinbomb build presses that look and feel like top quality units. It’s easy to see why these are continually rising in popularity. Both the Rosinbomb Rocket and the Super Rosin Press are built with convenience and simplicity in mind and that pays dividends for you the customer.

No More Hydraulics

The goal of presses is to create a whole bunch of power in order to create the pressure needed to make concentrates. This typically means a lot of hydraulics or even pneumatics. It’s a process that typically is super noisy and requires a whole bunch of maintenance for the engineering involved.


Not so with Rosinbomb. This is a company that has dedicated themselves to turning away from accepted methods of doing things. In both the Rocket and the Super Rosin Press they’ve created innovative electric-powered rosin presses. That’s right, no more hydraulics. Through careful research and testing, they’ve made a system that not only cuts down on the noise but also virtually scraps the amount of upkeep that’s necessary.

Size, Weight, Heat

The Rosinbomb Rocket and Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press are very similar in terms of design. But they do vary. Let’s take the Rocket first. It weighs in at around 13 lbs (6 kg) and is a height of about 10 inches. As we shall see when we take a look at the Rosin Press,  this is the much more portable unit of the two. You could potentially just put this in a backpack and take it with you wherever you’re going. The plates on the Rocket can heat to about 300℉ but the optimum range is about 200℉ – 220℉. Of course, this depends entirely on what kind of material you’re working with so be aware of your temperature gauges when using it.


The Super Rosin Press, as the name would suggest, is much bigger. It stands at about 16 inches high and weighs 16 kg. Now, of course, that’s still portable, but it’s not exactly the kind of thing you’d throw in your backpack. It’s about the same size as a regular coffee machine. But because of its much larger size, it’s also capable of producing a much greater amount of pressure. In fact, the Rosin Press can generate a pressure of 5500 lbs.


Now you might wonder why you’d want something as powerful as either of these products. But the fact of the matter is that if you plan on dabbing on high quality, then this is your best choice. There are a lot of people out there who would sell you shoddy material or advise inferior methods of concentrate creation. But the Rosinbomb is neither shoddy or inferior. These are quality-assured and tested products and that is reflected in the yields you’ll get from them.


Each plate of their presses is designed in such a way that means you can get the most out of your rosin. This is a company with a history of delivering at the top level. The Rosinbomb Rocket and the Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press are no exceptions. With either choice of unit, you’re set to get something that will last you a long, long time. Plus, there are warranties on both electrical parts and structural materials. You’ve got nothing to lose.

What’s Not to Love?

It should be no big leap to see why Rosinbomb are growing in popularity and dominating the market. They deliver top quality products at a great price. Their previous experience in the field of machine innovation is on full display with both of these units. Whether you’re someone that’s looking press a couple of grams at a time, seeking something portable, that requires minimal maintenance and looks impressive, they’ve got you covered. And if you’re someone looking for something a little bigger and even more outstanding then they’ve got just the thing for you. Rosinbomb are a company ready to sweep you off your feet.


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