Pro-marijuana doctor found dead, she made a move to question the Big Pharma

By March 4, 2018Articles, Marijuana News

A doctor who was an advocate of marijuana in the name of medical doctor has been found dead. Miss universe who contested in the Sonya Kay Forbes, she was so popular and well known, she was found dead at her home in Cunningham Avenue, and after the autopsy was carried it reviled that she died from a stab wound in the abdomen.

Dr. Forbes was well known in the cannabis world because she was in support that people should use marijuana in the form of treatment and assist in medical conditions, before her death she was working on a project that researched how marijuana can be used to treat people that had a long-term eye problem. Among the long line of holistic doctors that were found in the house dead Dr. Forbes is one of them, and the circumstances are all mysterious.

Being a holistic doctor in the world that is led by Big Pharma the pressure rises every day. Going against the status quo is a dangerous move that someone can make, and many holistic doctors have been talking about the threats that they receive from the mainstream pharmaceutical industry. Marijuana is among the so many holistic doctors have been promoting, and the Big Pharma is not concerned with the idea.


Despite the fact that marijuana¬† has already been legalized in most parts of U.S., heavy sanctions that are taking place still prove how unsure the industry is and still wary that the government is still far from letting people enjoy all the benefits marijuana has. Because of billions of lobby money that is given by the Big Pharma each year that’s why they are close with the government, and that means that one will not be able to operate without the other.

Naturally, anyone that holds a grudge against the Big Pharma, they make themselves an enemy of the government too.  Dr. Forbes resided in Kingston Public Hospital and all her life she had dedicated her time in spreading the message that people would benefit a lot if they choose alternative therapies like marijuana instead of taking the chemical drug of Big Pharmas.

After the death of the holistic doctor, friends and family of Dr. Forbes told people that she made a point of telling people that she was not suicidal. RJR News reported that the investigation that was carried out stated that Dr. Forbes died from the stab wound on her stomach, and they refused to say if the wound was self-inflicted or not.

She was well known public figure in the area that she lived in, and despite the medical background that she had, Dr. Forbes was known for her beauty queen days, as she had participated in the Jamaica miss world contest in 1999.


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