Is it possible to pass a Drug Test?

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pass drug test

A drug test refers to a proper chemical observation or a quantitative analysis of any biological sample of a living body be it blood, urine, hair, saliva or breath. You must have heard about sportspersons undergoing drug tests for the presence of steroids as they tend to increase your performance strength and spirit. Government servicemen of any nation also have to undergo procedural screening of presence of certain drugs such as cocaine and heroin. It completely depends on a substance if it is possible to pass a drug test. By passing a drug test we mean that the substance isn’t detected in your reports or Why would you need to pass a test for it? Also, there are many parameters with the help of which drug tests are conducted and there is a time period for certain substances which can’t be detected after a specified time limit. Moreover, it also depends on usage consistency of the drug intake. The body’s metabolism, daily diet plans, environment conditions too play a significant role intoxication or intoxication of the body with the certain drug!

Talking about Marijuana you should know that there are various possibilities of passing a drug test if you smoke Marijuana. Marijuana contains cannabinoids which is can easily be stored in your body with fat, hence takes longer time in getting out through your body no matter how hard you work on intoxicating yourself. Also if the usage has been chronic, it takes time to detox and pass the drug test. Even on ceasing the usage there may be the possibility of positive test results.


This test is followed up and signed for onsite testing i.e. if you just have smoked it. Since saliva test detects mostly the parent compounds and not the fat-soluble substances you can see that there are somewhat fewer chances of results being positive unless you are too regular with it. You can try getting through if you brush 3-4 times relatively and also try to keep your mouth clean 15-20 minutes before tests so maybe you could get through. Detoxify your body by drinking all kinds of citric products such as oranges and lemon. So there will be chances to get through your Saliva test as it doesn’t detect sub-compounds but only parent compounds.


Cannabis doesn’t go unnoticeable in the blood for roughly 12– 24 hours, with a substantial/ perceptible concentration in the blood for up to 10 days. Because they are intrusive, fat-soluble compounds are present in them which make the test accessible to its intake presence hence hard to regulate, though blood tests are utilized less every now and again. They are regularly utilized as a part of examinations of the cases of Driving under Influence as marijuana is psychoactive in nature.


On average lab technicians take 1.5 -2 inches of head hair strand which gives an intake period of 90 days. It measures the metabolite present in the hair strand inside which is a sub-compound of the parent compound. Due to this hampering, due external conditions are avoidable, so this detection window mostly gives positive results.


For smokers who are less regular and new to this, marijuana can be detected for up to 3-5 days after the start of usage. For smokers who are consistent, it can show up to 15 days. For fatty smokers, it may show up to 30 days. It can’t be generalized as there is always a list of parameters which would regulate any measure!! For all of us our diet habits, our metabolism, our fat content plays a crucial role in passing such kind of drug test.


In 1911, Dr. W. Beam discovered that hemp tissue, that is low in psychoactive THC however high in CBD, offers a purple color once treated with bases. The check is easy and cheap and usually involves putting the check sample caustic potash and ethyl alcohol. More or less in 10 minutes, samples with CBD exhibit a violet/purple/pink color. The check is restricted to CBD and doesn’t react to the psychoactive drug

These days there are many kinds of detoxification packages available around. Find one that suits you. Before any test tries detoxing your body with raw edibles. You can also try doing Apple cider vinegar with warm water. Drink as much water as you can. All of it would really help you through this test.


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