Why People Fall Victim To Cannabis

young people cannabis

Many victims of cannabis started it as fun and suddenly gets hooked up for the feeling of excitement that it always gives them. They savour that feeling of excitement, bewilderment and clearer perception of things that they often go back to it. Victims of cannabis do not just start consuming it in large quantity but they start it as fun in a very small quantity which keeps increasing as time goes by thereby making them addicted to cannabis.

Cannabis, in as much as it serves as a medicinal and recreational purpose, many people have abused this drug. They are served at a party without most of the guests knowing what they are actually taking. But because of the high feeling, they keep coming back for more or looking out for such parties to get hooked to that particular type of drink.

Reasons why young people fall victim to cannabis

  • Superiority

In most High Schools, cannabis have been taken as a way of life and if in any way, you are not doing what the crowd is doing, you are termed anti-social and immediately, you will be picked on or bullied by people who think they rule the school. Any attempt to even avoid them makes them angry and superior over you, this has led to most high school student joining the gang to feel more powerful and less helpless in their situations. This reminds me of an adage which i do not believe ‘if you cannot beat them, you join them.’ This is exactly what goes on in most high schools and the young often prefer it than being a social recluse in the society.

  • Clearer Thought

When i was in high school, i had a senior who was always had the highest grade in his class, he was considered tough and he also looked rough so most teachers even avoided him. I tried to understand how this senior did it or why he acquired such knowledge as he never reads often like others. We became close. One day, I saw him at a corner smoking something when i inquired, he told me what it was and that the reason why he always takes it was to assimilate what he was going to read faster. He said that he cannot read unless he takes the pot as it always gives him a clearer vision and open so many other perspectives to him which he researches while reading. But he advised me against using it for fear of getting addicted.

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  • Excitement

Many people often takes this because of the stoned feeling it leaves them. Some people might be going through one or two hurdles in life and depression sets in, they see taking cannabis as an escape route to the feeling of dejection they feel. So they try to keep the emotions at bay by always taking a handful of cannabis to restore them to their normal self. Does this really work? What i feel is that the emotions comes back at full force immediately it’s cleared from their sight.

  • Peer Pressure

This is one of the most likely reason why the young people fall victim to taking cannabis. Many people always feel pressured when they are teenagers and others are already doing something they see the big boys doing. Even though they try to stay away from it, they see themselves constantly looking up to this friends as an adviser or thinking they are tough, until they finally taste it, the feeling they get at first leaves them miserable but they are encouraged to keep trying it in order to be tough like others and they bow to this. This is the most likely problem of the youth and the major reason of falling victim to cannabis.

Youths are the most people endangered by cannabis and efforts should be made in order to stop them from consuming this drug and if one have to take it, let it be medically prescribed as it cures so many diseases and reduces depression in humans.


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