How Oil Rig Workers Pass Drug Tests

By October 31, 2017Marijuana Facts
  • The widely known Alberta Oil Sands is the world’s third largest oil reserves that produce about 2.5 million barrels of bitumen every day. The oil reserve is located about 4 hours north of Edmonton, Fort McMurray. The remote oil outpost can only be accessed by use of a plane or a two-lane highway that the locals call the highway of death. Alberta Oil Sands has about 133,053 employed people and majority of the employees are young men who make so much money than they can spend.

Working hours are usually as long as 14 hours per day for 22 days a month. This leaves the workers with a limited 3 days to rest before resuming work. Most of the worker in the oil reserve comes from very far places and, this causes isolation from friends and family members. The oil camp does not allow drugs or bars to be located within the camp. The aim of the Alberta Oil Sands is normally to attract as many workers who are in need of making quick money.

Due to an isolation that causes loneliness and less ability to spend money, the workers find this as a perfect environment to get distracted. Whenever the workers get a few free consecutive days off, they will spend their time at one of the bars in Fort McMurray or Showgirls Exotic Nightclub and Boomtown Casino. It is estimated that 17% of every 1000 people at Fort McMurray use drugs. The worker at oil reserve has interesting ways of passing the drug test when they go back to work.

  • Marijuana and other drugs can be traced in the urine for up to one month after use. Interestingly, other hard drugs such as opioids and amphetamines dissolve in saliva and urine at a significantly faster rate.

Most drug tests are carried out in a various ways, for example, some tests start with swab in the mouth also across the brow before taking urine samples. Some workers were able to pass this test well after taking some time off work. To pass the urine test synthetic urine bag and detox drink is used. Synthetic bags are a bit risk because urine has to remain at the right temperature if not; it will be detected as fake. Workers who don’t want to use synthetic bags go for detox drinks because they keep the urine clear for 1 hour. One worker who passed the test and whose identity is concealed said that, the person who is charged with conducting a test wills most likely use more than one sample and they are set to conduct it within a short period of time. For any Marijuana smoker, collecting the relevant equipment is important. Even though there are stores that stock diluents, for guys over 199 pounds, Clear Choice detox drinks are one of the few tools that actually help to pass the test.



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