All you need to know about buying marijuana in the legalized states of the USA

buying marijuana usa

The state of California allowed licensed shops to sell Marijuana from the 1st of January 2018. One has just to present an ID showing that he is 21 years or older to make a purchase.

This move is from a different world for adults who have never used Cannabis, or they stopped long time ago as the days of smoking in the darkness are long gone. They will be in awe when they see the once very illegal substance in stores display with a range of different products varieties and traits.

If you are planning on catching up with everyone else you might need to do some research of your own before you visit that corner store because you will be stunned by the number of varieties available. Even the ‘budtenders’ cannot be trusted to give a very educated opinion on this matter. Here are some tips.

How to find the marijuana:

The first step to consider is getting High.

  • If you are looking to get super high, I will recommend looking for products with high THC content. An inverted red triangle always symbolizes THC with blue margins.
  • For those who don’t want to get high only for products with CBD. This product will merely solve your problems without side effects.
  • If you’re going to be moderately high look for products with some CBD and a low percentage of THC

The second step is how do you want to feel after taking the substance.

  • To get that energized feeling a Sativa will be a high recommendation for you.
  • If you aim at feeling balanced after a hit, please ask the ‘budtender’ for a hybrid. You should note that it varies depending on where they are in the indica-sativa spectrum
  • If you want to get that Mellow feeling, then indica is the right thing for you


How to differentiate Indica from Sativa:

  • Sativa has a reddish or orange colour. It has long thin leaves. Sativa gives an energetic feel with a cerebral hallucinogenic effect with and also has high THC levels. It is suitable for day use when you are more active.
  • Indica, on the other hand, is purple. It has short fat leaves. It gives a relaxing buzz effect as it contains high CBD levels. Suitable for night use.

Ways of taking marijuana

If you want the effects to hit faster then you have two options:

  • If you are a smoker, then go for the flower or the pre-roll.
  • If you don’t smoke then, you have to use vaping. The effects will still be felt quickly just as in smoking.

If you want it to get absorbed slowly then you have two options as well:

  • You can have an edible if you have ever consumed.
  • If you have never consumed, then you are advised to use the tincture.

Marijuana tax sales in different states where it has been legalized:

  • Washington 37%
  • Oregon 17%
  • Colorado 15%
  • Nevada 15%
  • Maine 10%
  • Alaska 50%
  • California 15%

The prices of marijuana vary depending on the variety and the location as well. The budtender can be very helpful if you ask them. Remember only tamperproof packages are on sale.

Below is a list of prices you will expect when visiting a store in different locations.

  • 12 king size pre-roll in Anaheim costs $50
  • 10 grams of blue Dream Sativa goes for $60 in LA
  • Full gram vape cartridges for $25 in Gardena
  • Chocolate chip mini cookie 20mg for $3 in Anaheim
  • Hybrid three 1/8th for 100$ in Anaheim
  • G drinks lemonade 100mg liquid THC for $15

Typically, the price for marijuana ranges from $25-$35 for 1/8th of flower whereas, a gram of concentrated cannabis will range between $30-$45.


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