Medical Marijuana in Florida: 2014 Update


According to what we’ve witnessed throughout the 2013, the following year will see even bigger confrontations regarding legalization of medical marijuana. As we know by now, medical marijuana is legal in 20 states. Lawmakers in Florida refused to join their state to that hot list. Many believe this issue will be one of the most discussed topics in 2014 for the state of Florida.

Leading Proponents

Two of the biggest proponents come from the Manatee County in Florida. Bob and Cathy Jordan, of Parrish, have been fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana for many years. Cathy, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease, believes that medical marijuana has helped her with her illness – when we say helped, that means it has saved her life. Cathy was diagnosed Lou Gehrig’s disease in 1986 and was told by the doctors that she has only three to five years to live. Many years later, still very much alive, Cathy has dedicated her life to fight for legalization of medical marijuana in Florida.

It hasn’t been easy for Cathy and her husband. Earlier this year, in February, they made the headlines when Bob was arrested for growing marijuana at their home. Fortunately, the state Attorney’s office did not file charges as they found out Bob was growing marijuana to help with his wife’s disease. According to Bob, everyone would do what he did if they’ve had someone who is really ill and needs their help. Cathy is President of the Florida Cannabis Action Network. She and her husband refuse to give up their fight for legalization of medical marijuana in Florida.

Marijuana Support

Recently, in Bay News 9, Tampa Bay Times, AM 820 News Tampa Bay Poll, local residents were asked: “Would you support or oppose a state constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for medical reasons?” 68% said they support it, 24% said they’re against it and 8% are not sure. However, when the same poll asked a slightly different question, the answers were significantly different.

As you may or may not know, some of the supporters of legalization of medical marijuana feel that personal use should also be allowed. Bay news 9 speaks of the case of Donnie Clark, who has served a long time in prison, 12 years to be precise, for growing marijuana back in the 1980’s. This fellow thinks the legalization of medical marijuana for personal use would have many positive effects. One of them is, naturally, money. Mr Clarks sees the advantage of Florida’s climate as compared to Canada’s: “Here in Florida we can grow two to three crops a year where in Canada they only grow one”. He feels that marijuana production will be a very lucrative business.

Not everyone shares his opinion. The other question of the Bay News 9 Poll was: “Would you support or oppose legalizing marijuana for personal use, not just for medical reasons?” The results were completely different than in the first question: 31% support this, 60% are against and again, 8% are not sure.



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  • Paul Brite says:

    As someone who is in content pain, and takes far too many drugs I am totally in favor of medical usage.
    Our prisons are overrun with a large percentage incarcerated for marijuana infractions. The cost alone uses tax money that would be better used for fixing the much needed interstructure of our crumbling country.

  • OlderStoner says:

    I for one will be glad to see this issue finally brought to the voters and I do hope that it passes. As for too many old people in Florida who will vote against it…I think not. Most of the older people I knew who would die before they took a toke are, well their dead. I’m 55 and my parents fought it tooth and nail but they are now gone. I started toking in the 1970’s and gave it up long ago because Ronald and Nancy Reagan forced drug testing on us. And well, Ron is dead and Nancy will soon be gone too. Nonetheless, I still believe this should be a personal choice, not limited and outlawed by government.

  • John P says:

    Florida has too many older residents who are still against Marijuana use. One thing Florida will realize is that college students will soon see Florida as a backwards state and start going somewhere else for spring break. If Florida starts losing tourists they will wake up in a hurry. It not only the anti-legalization attitude in Florida but also their barbaric laws against Marijuana. The Marijuana laws are too extreme and as the nation moves away from putting these type of offenders in prison Florida will find themselves behind the times.

  • Dave says:

    Its time has come. Tax it. Regulate it like alcohol, and let the police and Feds go after the vicious drug cartels and organizations destroying lives daily with the real drugs. If you want to stop something dangerous … Prohibit alcohol consumption. This would create a real civil war.
    I have never seen anyone go crazy or violent on ‘pot’. But booze? Most anyone that is honest with themselves and others could relate…
    Age 68—I’d buy it if it were legal.

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