Medical Cannabis Now Legalized by Mexico

By July 11, 2017International Laws
Medical Cannabis Now Legalized by Mexico

In the early 1900s, cannabis was brought to the United States from Mexico. Laborers from Mexico brought it with them as they moved to the United States. A few days ago, the use of marijuana as a medicine in Mexico was further solidified.

Since December 2006, the Mexican government has been in combat with drug traffickers. This time period has also seen a lot of wars between drug cartels as they fought each other in a quest to control more territory. In 2016, the second most deadly conflict in the world was the war involving Mexico against the drug cartels. There was a national public debate on the legalization of marijuana in Mexico.

In December 2016, there was a bill passed by the Mexican Senate. The vote was passed with 98 people in support and 7 people opposing it. The policy then was then passed to the Mexican Lower House of Congress where it gained a large number of votes supporting it. 374 people supported it compared to 7 people opposing it. The first step was made with the vote of the Lower House of Congress. Then a decree who legalized marijuana for medical usage was issued by the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

For over 20 years, cannabis has been increasingly legalized in California. Medical cannabis was first legalized in 1996. Now the recreational use of cannabis is now legalized. Mexico is following in that line. This legalization will have a huge effect on the cartels in Mexico as they will react to any change in the demand for illegal drugs in the United States. These criminal groups are losing a lot of their profits already.

Medical Cannabis

Mexico’s health minister will soon create more medical cannabis rules that will cover the sale and cultivation of cannabis. Despite the legalization, only products that have 1% THC or smaller will be allowed for medical use the patients will also have the right to grow their own marijuana plant at home for their personal consumption. So one might think that many Mexicans would prefer their favorite strains and start growing Sour Diesel and others. The government will have to think away to prevent this.

Since 1920, marijuana has been illegal in Mexico. In 2009, personal possession of marijuana became a bit legal. If you possess up to 5 grams of marijuana, you can’t be prosecuted.

Medical usage of cannabis is legalized but recreational usage remains an offense. A lot of people feel that the legalization of Marijuana for medical usage is one of the basic steps towards ending the drug wars in Mexico. The country has been negatively impacted by the drug wars. About 80,000 people have died in the drug wars since 2006.


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