Marketing and SEO: 3 Tips to Make Your Dispensary Grow Faster

SEO Dispensary Grow Faster

Whether you already have an established dispensary and are looking for ways to attract new customers or you are planning to enter this booming business, it is important to have effective marketing campaigns and understand the relevance of SEO in your websites and social media accounts.

While having quality products and a good approach to customer service is certainly crucial, interactive and user-friendly sites are a key factor for any business nowadays. The following tips will help you boost the online presence of your cannabis dispensary and see the number of orders and customers grow every time.

1)    Have a Simple and Mobile Friendly Website

According to a recent report by Stone Temple, 58% of the site visits in 2018 were made using mobile devices. While this number would be unthinkable a few years ago, it is now a reality and businesses most make sure they adapt to it. Whether your cannabis dispensary is big or small, you want to have an intuitive and well-designed website which can be visited on both PCs and mobile devices without problems.

Creating a great website should be the main priority of any dispensary marketing & SEO campaign, as a large share of customers will find your company online. Make sure your website projects reliability and experience by adding a section with previous customer reviews and a Frequently Asked Questions page for any common doubts.

2)    Don’t Forget about Social Media

While your business’s website will be the main factor determining whether a visitor will buy your products or not, often your social media accounts will be the ones driving traffic to them. Make sure to have a strong presence in platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Publishing updates frequently and showcasing your products in a creative way is important to make your customers feel confident of being dealing with a serious and active dispensary.

Social media is also a great platform to publish deals and offers. Whenever you are planning to give some discounts to your customers, publish them in all your accounts and you will see an increase in the visits to your website and online shop.

3)    Engage in Link Building

When working on your dispensary marketing & SEO campaign, one of your key goals should be having as many high-quality external links to your website as possible. This can be done both through submissions on marijuana-related directories, as well as through collaborations with other players in the industry. If you find a renowned dispensary or cannabis brand you would like to work with, it is always worth it to approach them and enquire for any potential cooperation which can be beneficial for both.

Although link building can bring more traffic to your website, it is crucial to avoid bad-quality links from sites with low reviews or bad reputations. When it comes to SEO, quality is more important that quantity, so having a good approach to link-building will certainly give you more and better traffic.


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