Marijuana at the Olympics? The future of the international sport of the Gold medalist and Advocates Ross Rebagliati

By February 16, 2018Articles, Medical Marijuana Laws
marijuana at the olympics

In California, there was good news this year because the New Year ushered with it a new era when it comes to the legal adult use of marijuana.  It was an end of the prohibition that has been there when it comes to the marijuana compound in the sports world. Before it happened, it was announced by the World Anti-Doping Agency that they were going to remove cannabidiol in the list of the substances that were considered prohibited, in late September.  But it only went into effect on Jan 1, after the ruling of the agency that is responsible for the development of the drug code which has been upheld by over 660 sports organizations. The once that are included are the Olympic committee and the Anti-Doping Agency.

The move overturned a ruling of the Ross Rebagliati Rule that took place on 1998, that resulted in the ban of marijuana when it comes to the Olympic competitions. The reason why the marijuana was banned is that one of the Canadian snowboarders was tested and there was a trace of marijuana in his system at the competition that was taking place in Nagano winter Olympics 1998. The move that is being made so that the CBD will be removed from the legal substances list is one of the best steps when it comes to the international marijuana reforms, said Rebagliati. If the WABA and IOC were to move from the prohibition, then they would encourage other countries to do the same and consider making reform when it comes to marijuana, he added.

The snowboarder lost is gold medal because it was stripped, but the decision did not last long because the decision was overturned by the court of Arbitration with the reason that during the Nagano Games there was no accurate testing that was done for the marijuana test. Since then the Rebagliati took over the marijuana torch, and from 2013 he has been the one responsible for the founding of Canadian medical marijuana company. “There is no way that you will be able to win all the votes, but there is a way that we will be able to lead the way to marijuana reforms internationally if only we can make the international associates see some of the benefits that one can get from marijuana,” he said

CBD is one of the compounds that make up marijuana that is non-psychoactive, and many users have been touting it because it has the potential of having so many medical benefits. Due to the claim that it will be able to reduce seizures it has been getting the national attention. Even athletes like Cabre and Nate Diaz of the martial arts said that they could praise the product because it will have so many benefits like treating join and muscles pain and inflammation.  Indeed, what resulted in the ban of the cannabinoids in the Olympics is after the ordeal of Rebagliati in 1998, due to the push of the envelope by Diaz there is a chance of the CBD and WADA’s being removed from the prohibited list.

In August 2016, he was given a warning from the USADA after he was seen puffing on the vape pen that contained the CBD oil while on his flight, in the company of Conor McGregor. “It’s helpful in healing cases of inflammation, things like that,” Diaz said to the assembled media. ”if you want to feel better after and before the fights that’s the way to go, it will make life feel even better.” “Athletes like it too,” he added.


Since CBD and even the extracts will be legal in the U.S., there has not been proper research that has been carried so that it knows some of the benefits of the drug in issues that face athletes. Stateside, the one that is involved with the Drug Enforcement Administration consistently they have been referring CBD as the scheduled I controlled substance, meaning that it will not have any medical benefits.  In Canada, anyone can be able to get the CBD if they have a prescription. This summer, the country will have already legalized the drug. The international stage, it was determined by the World Health Organization that for now, CBD will not be the subject of the global drug scheduling in December, that’s why they announced that they had plans of taking a full review of the Cannabidiol on 2018. WADA emphasized that even though the CBD is not prohibited when it comes to the international sports, the compound of the psychoactive THC remains banned.  In the announcement, there was a warning that the cannabidiol that will be extracted from the marijuana plant may sometimes contain the concentrations of THC.

The cannabist were denied the request by the IOC and the U.S. Olympic Committee when they requested that they be given a chance of commenting on the removal of the CBD from the banned list. While there is confusion how athletes will depart from the South Korea rule, because for starters in all forms marijuana is legal in South Korea. ”Even though the CBD has been removed from the list, the consumption of marijuana is a tricky subject still, in all the states and U.S., even if in the country marijuana is legal it’s still tricky,” Rebagliati said.  He added, “that the athletes will have big endorsement deals and it will give them a fortune.” “They see no advantage of them coming forward to claim that they are marijuana users.”


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