Marijuana Legalization in Missouri


Believe it or not, Missouri might be on its way to legalize marijuana. Just recently, on March 10, the House of Representatives hosted the House Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety regarding a hearing, which would make marijuana legalization a whole lot easier. The purpose of the hearing was to introduce a marijuana legalization bill that would also focus on taxing and regulating marijuana in a way that is not that dissimilar to alcohol. Representative Chris Kelly is the one supporting the bill and is responsible for introducing it in the first place. Naturally, at first, Mr. Kelly wasn’t that keen on marijuana legalization but what changed his mind was the fact that he spends a part of his career dealing with domestic violence cases. Most of the time, police officers weren’t able to respond to domestic violence calls because they were in the middle of busting a kid over a joint. During the course of his career, Mr. Kelly handed out thousands cannabis sentences but doubts they had any real effect on the behavior of the sentenced individual.

Show Me Cannabis Board

Dan Viets is the Chair of the Regulation Board and he talked mostly about the advantages of marijuana legalization, specifically tax revenue and massive savings in law enforcement that measure up to hundreds of millions of dollars. This makes perfect sense, at least according to Colorado and Washington that are already predicting huge sums in tax revenue. He also debunked that old myth that marijuana legalization increase usage which is simply not true. If anything, various research polls and studies have shown that marijuana use is actually declining once it gets legalized. Accordingly, penalties regarding possession would virtually become non-existent. While the presented information from both Kelly and Viets sounds completely logical, it simply doesn’t have the desired effect without some real life testimonials. This is where Brandy Johnson and Heidi Rayl come in.

Medical Marijuana

Brandy and Hedi spoke about the need for medical marijuana. Their testimony was very emotional as both women are mothers of boys who suffer from serious debilitating conditions. Both boys are suffering from epilepsy that is getting extremely hard to control since they go through at least twelve seizures a day. Of course, both are swallowing prescription medication that is doing them more harm than good. As an alternative, cannabis oil that is rich with CBD showed some really promising results and could be used for treating such extreme epileptic seizures with practically zero side-effects. Well, that’s a great idea but marijuana is still illegal in Missouri and we are hoping this will change for the better. There were a myriad of witnessed testifying that day and we can finally say that opinions are beginning to change in Missouri and that marijuana now actually has a fair shot at getting legalized. This is our recommended site if you wish to buy cbd oil.



  • David Snow says:

    I have smoked since i was 13 and it has been the only thing that help with cronic pain i have been on meds but they don’t help

  • Straight shooter says:

    I heard this drug is highly addicting and I personally know of many people who had a horrible time getting free of this drug. And let’s not forget the 25,000 people who died from this drug. Are we so foolish to let this continue. Oops, my bad, I thought we were discussing LEGAL PRESCRIPTION-NARCOTICS. Got a bit confused, typical voter right?

  • Timothy Burns says:

    Were can I vote for Missouri to legalize it

  • elmer fudd says:

    To hell with waiting on mo. I,m moving to a state where its legal bye!

  • JACK DUBE says:

    Marijuana is much more than beer as far as getting you in trouble. you dont drive on the wrong side of the road. give your people hell as an ass hole thats what booze does. kills every one around you too. not weed

  • Talmadge Brown says:

    I never could understand why they legalize alcohol and not pot. I know I would rather be in a car with someone smoking pot than being in a car with someone that has been drinking. Its a no-brainer. I also believe it would cut down on people doing other drugs and becoming addicted to drugs like opioids, cocaine, meth, etc It’s been proven that there are many medical benefits to cannabis. Missouri is always the last state to get on the bus with anything. And we all know what goes on behind closed doors meaning that there are doctors, lawyers, politicians, and even judges that smoke pot so who are we kidding, no one. I even know a few personally. So I think it’s way over-due.

  • gayle says:

    i smoked maijuna since i was 5 years old im 50 now thats all i want is pot ive had four differnt doctors tell me that marijuna is better for me than tabaco if the goverment wants to outlaw something it should be tabaco tabaco kills pot dont

  • Linda says:

    I have epilepsy
    I feel the pills I am on just causing other problems. Also, I am in severe pain everyday. Two years ago I had to have caratoid surgery. I am allergic to all pain meds. After I couldn’t take any pain meds. Accept Demerol. But I couldn’t take. This because the doctors said this would cause seizures. So all I could take is regular tylanol. Like that would really help. After my neck got completely sliced open. So I also need help with my pain

  • Joyce Woolstenhulme says:

    i can’t wait either….i want to be off my legal script. drugs….they are awful….this can’t happen too soon for me….

  • R.C. Tie says:

    Maybe the drug companies have had enough law suits, that they won’t
    lobby against legalization of marijuana. I am all for them planting harvesting and packaging marijuana, a safe product. A product that doesn’t have a list longer than my arm of side effects. Many of the side effects are worse than the ailment they are prescribed to treat.

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