International Laws

International Marijuana Laws

Countries all over the world have different perceptions on marijuana. There exists different laws that govern the use, cultivation and distribution of marijuana worldwide. Marijuana use has been continually embraced across many nations, even some engaging in research on marijuana. This article focuses on the different laws in different nations.

South Africa

Marijuana is still an illegal substance in many African states. People still consume weed but without the authorities knowing. However, there have been a new wave that saw a major step taken in South Africa. A couple brought the legalization issue to a high court in Pretoria. Arguments in defence to marijuana stated the economic and medical benefits. In Kenya, there was a motion in the national assembly to fully legalize the use of marijuana. However, there lacked a quorum and the motion could not go through. This shows that soon, African countries will wake up to the reality of the numerous weed benefits.


Several attempts have been done in Canada to legalize weed. There a bill in parliament that dwelt on the legalization of pot. However, the bill did not pass. Recently, the Canadian government has conducted a survey on its citizens to determine its next cause of action. Questionnaires covering several areas such as the type a person likes, the modes of consumption and even the sources. It shows that in the near future, Canada will finally have a legal framework for weed use, a framework that has been denied for the last 90 years.


Israel is one of the few countries that have embraced the use of marijuana. There have been reports that THC and other cannabis compounds were discovered in Israel. This country has a rich history concerning the use of marijuana. It is legal. Extensive research on the marijuana compounds is underway at Israel. It is through such that it was discovered that weed has lots of medical benefits. Israel is influential to many countries, especially in Africa. This has been seen as a path for legalization of weed in the African states.

The United States

The free nation, as it is fondly referred to, has not been left behind in this liberation. Around half of the states in America have legalized weed. However, this is mostly to medical marijuana. Recreational use of marijuana is only allowed in a few states. The big impediment in the United States in the presence of two kinds of laws governing the use of marijuana-the state and federal laws. These two are antagonistic. It is expected that with time things will be more streamlined. More people are learning the benefits of weed and are slowly embracing it. 


In 2914, Uruguay became the first country to comprehensively legalize marijuana. This saw recreational use, cultivation and distribution legalized. Adults are allowed to buy up to 40 grams of weed monthly. Here, one can register and form clubs with other users where they can grow weed. Another good thing is that marijuana has been exempted from taxes. The only form of tax present is the value added tax(VAT).


This tourist hotspot has not yet fully legalized marijuana. Possession of small amounts(5gm) is allowed. Much tolerance is given to marijuana users. That is why you should never be surprised to meet with a person smoking pot on the streets of Amsterdam. Cultivation of marijuana is however illegal. Therefore, the sellers pass through a lot of trouble sourcing it.

We have looked at just a few nations that have allowed the use of marijuana. There are many others. However, this goes much into depicting the breakthrough in cannabis legalization.

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