Marijuana Arrests Reach An All Time High in the U.S.

By November 19, 2015Marijuana Laws, US Federal Laws


According to a new federal report released last week, people are getting arrested because of marijuana every single minute. In fact, to be incredibly precise, a marijuana related arrest happens every 45 seconds. That is insane. In 2014 alone, there were over 700,000 marijuana related arrests in the U.S. But, let’s not mystify this even further because out of all those arrests, 88.4% were done due to possession. The statistics have rarely been our friend but what is confusing about this is the fact that public approval of marijuana is up. In a recent poll done by Gallup, 58% of Americans support legalization of marijuana.

This only goes to show that you can and will get arrested with marijuana if you are not careful. I see people puffing away on the streets on a daily basis. In fact, take a stroll down Manhattan and every two blocks you can smell a pretty strong marijuana smell coming your way. People are vaping on the street in the middle of broad daylight as well. The lesson here is to stop incarcerating kids for smoking marijuana go after the drug dealers first. Plus, we’re sure there are plenty of other crimes out there that deserve more attention than a reefer.


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