Marijuana Approved As A Drug For Epilepsy

marijuana epilepsy approved

Research have shown that marijuana have been revealed to help in curing diseases or reducing the pains people who are diagnosed with these diseases feel. Marijuana which is derived from the cannabis plant contains high tetrahydrocannabidiol THC which leaves people with stoned or excited feeling.

One of the diseases which cannabis helps is epilepsy. For people who suffers from epilepsy, cannabis helps in reducing the seizures which they suffer and so, help them live a normal life. Many scientist have seen the need to research on all the ingredients of cannabis to discover the many benefits which are accrued to it but are being hindered from doing so because of the illegality of cannabis despite State legality.

In trying to find a cure which can stop children from having seizures, British drug maker, GW Pharmaceuticals is seeking permission to extract the ingredient which is contained in cannabis but does not contribute to people’s stoned feeling to use it to treat the seizures in children and epileptic patients. It will be the first cannabis drug approved in the USA if the practical turns out successful.

‘The company’s liquid formula will be the first approved drug generated from cannabis plant if successful,’ GW Pharmaceuticals explains.

According to a statement released by the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday, April 19th, 2018, This drug will be strictly administered by the FDA staff who will only give it to a small group of epilepsy patients and others, it will then lead to further research of the benefit of cannabis and what can be derived from it. Other cannabis products will also be looked into and thorough research will be done in order to utilize all that the plant gives.

Though other products extracted from cannabis is being approved but it is still difficult to research on cannabis which limits scientist and researchers in their various theories and practical.

Even though up to 12 States in the USA have approved cannabis to be used for various ailments and recreational use, it is still hard to get the FDA’s approval since it advised the Government against easing on the restrictions placed on cannabis which labelled it as ‘high risk substance.’

Through the research of the GW Pharmaceuticals which tends to be getting more approval from people and from experts who will vote on the safety and effectiveness of the drug especially because of the fewer seizures which patients have after being administered the drugs, through this review, FDA will make their decision on its approval by late June, 2018.

GW Pharmaceuticals is seeking approval to delve more into cannabis and have succeeded in changing the picture which sticks that cannabis should be avoided because of its dangerous activity in the life of the people. Moreover, patients with different types of diseases have always pushed for the legality of cannabis and wide access to it as it helps them relieve the pain they have in their ailment, helps them relieve post-traumatic stress, depression and side effect of drugs taken for their diseases.

Being a pharmaceutical grade version of cannabidiol, Epidiolex have been used by many parents and patients to treat children and adults with epilepsy.

What Does Epidiolex and CBD oil have in common?

Just like CBD oil which does not have THC, Epidiolex is also gotten from the cannabis plant and does not contain THC as well as other ingredients which can be found if a wider access to cannabis is allowed. CBD oil is very prominent for its uses on acne, opiod, skin disease and other ailments.

Further research also reveals that GW Pharmaceutical makes drugs from the cannabis plant which does not contain THC and thus, does not leave one stoned after taking it. So, it is seeking approval for two rare forms of childhood epilepsy which are Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes which have side effects like vomiting, insomnia, fatigue and diarrhea.

Doctors have also disclosed that the cannabis and CBD oil should be approved as everyone is using it already without people guiding them as they buy it online. They mentioned that people needs to be thought its benefits and what it can be used for. At this point, FDA also argued that the reason why they are delaying its approval is because of the liver injury which the drug has been flagged down for.

But people are not bothered about that but focusing on the cure that the product can give.


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