Lowell Farms Opens The First Weed Cafe In America

By September 23, 2019Articles, CBD

The legalization of marijuana in several states, including Colorado and California, has significantly increased American access to the open consumption of weed. The latest major development is the upcoming launch of Lowell Cafe in West Hollywood, the first weed cafe in the country. The owner is Lowell Farms, a company that has become prominent in the industry for offering its popular range of pesticide-free weed products in more than 300 California dispensaries. Patrons will be able to choose from a variety of weed products that they can either vape or smoke at their tables in the setting of a modern, gourmet restaurant. The opening of the first weed cafe in the country has generated celebration from cannabis consumers looking forward to being able to enjoy a unique, communal experience.


America’s first weed cafe has been under development for three years, and Lowell Farms used this time to craft the best possible experience for its patrons. The company has embodied a philosophy of sustainability that extends to how its new weed cafe will operate. Lowell Farms weed is grown using solar power, as a measure of conserving electricity, and its products are notable for being packaged with recycled paper. The company also commits to paying farmers a fair wage and to growing its weed with organic fertilizer. Lowell Cafe will continue to embrace corporate responsibility by using recycled wood to build its furniture and using local artisans to construct several elements of the decor. Celebrity Chef Andrea Drummer will be helming the restaurant’s kitchen with an eclectic menu of dishes that utilize organic produce from farms around California. At the moment, there are legal restrictions against a restaurant offering “edibles,” which is food infused with weed. Lowell Cafe’s focus is on providing food that pairs well with the consumption of cannabis.

The menu will include gourmet versions of comfort classics, including white bean hummus and a fried chicken sandwich. The restaurant also offers an extensive dessert menu of favorites like caramel popcorn and creme brulee. Patrons will have the unique experience of eating their farm-to-table cuisine with taste buds that have been enhanced by organic weed of the highest quality. Technically, the space is designed to have separate areas, a dining room, and a lounge for consuming marijuana. However, visitors in the lounge are free to have their food brought to them from the restaurant. Staff will also be available to educate patrons on the qualities of different varieties of weed to help them curate the best experience, in the spirit of a bartender or sommelier. Patrons can choose to vape their weed, smoke one of Lowell Farms pre-rolled products, or even use a bong or pipe.


America’s first weed cafe will provide the opportunity to openly consume weed and also enjoy fine dining in a beautiful, communal space. Lowell Cafe was inspired by the concept that, like alcohol, weed should be enjoyed in a social environment. The interest in having this experience is so high that reservations for the first 30 days were snapped up before the grand opening. Lowell Cafe is positioning itself to become a sought-after event space for after-parties and other major industry events. The restaurant will also be hosting special evenings for stand-up comedy, live music, and other entertainment. The unique combination of fine dining and weed enjoyed without stigma makes Lowell Cafe a premier destination in Los Angeles.


Lowell Farms has distinguished itself in the weed industry by offering products like its popular CDB smokes as well as a high-quality weed that’s grown without pesticides. The launch of America’s first weed cafe is a significant accomplishment that will allow weed lovers access to an entirely new experience.


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