The Legalization of Marijuana in Italy

By July 11, 2017International Laws
The Legalization of Marijuana in Italy

All across Europe, new changes towards marijuana is spreading. Italy is a country that has shown a greater understanding towards marijuana. Cannabis developments move slower in Europe compared to the US where Marijuana acceptance moves faster. That is the reason that the number of seed banks that ship to usa grows steadily.

The previous year, the Italian Government started producing medical cannabis locally. The Italian army manages a pharmaceutical plant in Firenze. This could be of great help in changing the perception of a lot of people towards marijuana.

Cannabis has been almost decriminalized in Italy in recent years. Marijuana is now being cultivated locally for patients and a medical marijuana program has started in Italy.

Anti-prohibitionist organizations along with the Radicali Italiani movement are taking steps towards drafting a bill to legalize the use of marijuana by adults. If this goes through, it could be a launching pad that will propel the growth of the Italian medical marijuana industry. The bill is yet to be introduced but it is hoped that it will be introduced soon. Before it can be introduced, the Italian parliament has to be persuaded that it is the right thing to do.

marijuana clones in Italy

There are various legal steps to be taken before marijuana can be legal in Italy but with recent events and happenings, one can say things are going in the right direction.

On June 15, the first shop to sell marijuana clones in Italy was opened in Milan. People could buy live marijuana plants at the shop. But the plants must never be allowed to produce flowers according to Italian law. People can buy live growing plants in the stores but they must ensure the plants must not grow flowers according to the shop guidelines. If they do so, they could break Italian laws.

It is legal to grow marijuana in Italy but the THC content must never be higher than one percent. The law is meant for the hemp industry. All of them are of the same species so the law holds for all kinds of marijuana.

Decriminalizing cannabis in Italy has been quite controversial. The decriminalization of marijuana use has been supported by those who feel the production of marijuana will take away a huge source of income from the mafia. But it has been opposed by the Roman Catholic Church and conservative groups in Italy.


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