Legalization of Cannabis In Countries

legalization cannabis

In order to cleanse the country of possible mayhem caused by Cannabis and other self destructing drugs, many countries have stood firm and put into Federal law that it’ll not be tolerated for both medicinal and recreational purpose. This is solely because of its affiliation with Indian hemp and the distraught feeling it gives to its victims.

Apart from, cannabis and other related drugs have been known to cause several havoc in the life of the people and most of these people do not use it for medicinal purposes but they use it for recreational purpose thereby getting addicted to the said drug and might also, in the process, endanger their lives and the lives of others.

This sought of behaviour and the negative effect of cannabis made countries to illegalize cannabis and other related drugs in the country. In this case, any small possession of cannabis, Indian hemp and others, there will be charges to that which might earn the person imprisonment.

While some countries permit the possession and cultivating of cannabis but decriminalize the possession of it up tp 70-100grams, others strictly frowns against it in all aspect both sale, possession, cultivation and transportation.etts

But in the United State, cannabis or marijuana as its legally called have been seen as something that do not have medicinal benefit so it is thoroughly frowned at and any possession of it attracts imprisonment.

Why most people see it as being extreme in caution, it is seen by officials as an enabling factor for the way people act and people’s high dependence on it also is a cause for alarm as if affects them physically, psychologically and emotionally.


How many States have legalized cannabis in the United States?

In spite of this, most states in the United States have legalized the possession and sale of cannabis, states like Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, California, Colarado, Maine and Washington. Though most have not legalize its commercial sale but it is acceptable in this states to be in possession of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.

Despite these nine states legalizing the possession of cannabis, it is still stated in the United States that it is illegal to possess, sell, buy, use or cultivate cannabis in the country and that is why most people bag imprisonment once they are caught in possession of it. The Federal Government have termed it a criminal offence to be found in possession of cannabis normally known as marijuana.

Even though that it is considered illegal in the United States, millions of people use it everyday and many arrests made are always centered on possession and usage of cannabis in the country.

So it is only the National Centre for Natural Product Research in Oxford, Mississippi have been given the right and authority to cultivate cannabis for its research and the Government, since then, have refused to grant any other research facility the license to cultivate cannabis. …

This makes it harder for researches on the said field to be done and if it has to be, it is solely dependent on what the National Centre for Natural Products gives them, no matter how it or grown.

Statistics have shown that most people who consume this product are often dependent on it and mostly acts irrationally when with people and most of their actions are always engineered by the cannabis taken.

This shows that as much as cannabis can be used for medicinal purpose, it can damage the lives of others if not carefully watched because of the way people become addicted to it.

Furthermore, research have shown that cannabis is consumed by so many people in different Countries and State despite the illegalization of it. Some States and Countries even have places where they are acquired or sold for personal use only while cultivating it is still strictly illegal as we discussed above in this text. Cannabis plant from where cannabis is gotten is highly medicinal and can cure so many diseases if allowed to grow but because of the abuse of it, medical research have shown that people who are takes or are addicted to it are always prone to bad behaviour.


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