Legal Marijuana in Massachusetts

Legal Marijuana Massachusetts

It has been rough months in Massachusetts with debates on the legalization of marijuana intensifying day and night. The sales of recreational marijuana are set to hit the market this coming July, what news can be better for the users!

Here is all you need to know about recreational marijuana before get too excited,

Who is eligible and from where can the marijuana purchases be made;

So as from July, adults above the age of 21 will be eligible to purchase marijuana. Please note the age so we don’t end up losing you to the authorities!  The sales might start a little after the beginning of July.

After its implementation marijuana can be purchased from the current 22 licensed dispensaries across the state, hopefully, more dispensaries will get licensed in the near future. You should bear in mind that not all of the medical marijuana dispensaries will provide you with recreational marijuana. We also have to hope that in future you will easily access your pot from that nearest corner store, how convenient!

The next question almost exploding our mind right now is, why are there very few outlets? Well, hope the reasons below will satisfy you.

  • It takes considerably long time for marijuana to fully grow into a mature plant ready for harvesting. An approximate of 6 months before harvest means that there will not be a continuous supply of the product in the market hence few outlets are just enough to absorb the produced volume.
  • A number of medical dispensaries have opted to offer medicinal marijuana services shying away from the recreational bit, tough tax regulations may be. It is also cumbersome to obtain a recreational use license which drives away most of the medics.
  • Stringent local laws limiting the number of dispensaries and discouraging the introduction of new ones.

With the limited supply and the scarcity of shops, they might be low days and times in the marijuana markets.  Also, these medical dispensaries are supposed to set record s for their sales whether recreational or medicinal purposes.  To obtain a medical card you will be required to see a doctor who will issue you with a recommendation after which you will submit your paperwork and photo to the state for processing. The process is not instantaneous and you may incur some fees.

It is not predictable how marijuana will be priced, it all will be determined by the market forces of supply and demand. The current cost for an ounce of medical marijuana flower is around $50 at the dispensaries.

It is anticipated that prices will go down with the competition starting July. Marijuana will also be taxed a total of 17 percent state tax and an additional 3 percent municipality local taxes.

For the lovers of online shopping, the government has not issued out delivery licenses and will not be issuing them until early next year. This will have been very convenient considering that the outlets and dispensaries will be widely located and scattered.  Medical patients are however allowed to receive deliveries from their respective dispensaries.

Although it is illegal, some companies still offer delivery services under the shadow of state laws but against federal laws. We just have to hope that this service is rolled out as soon as it is possible. It should be noted that the state of Massachusetts, however, condemns the seller and not the buyer.

Good news is however that one can grow up to six mature plants at home or 12 plants in case there is more than one adult. You can share your homegrown pot with friends but cannot use it for commercial purposes. A grower can keep all the harvest from his plant regardless of the quantity, what a boner! Seed will be available at pot retail shops as well as clowns hence you need not worry about that.

For stoners, there will be no impressing the public as that will likely land you in trouble. Smoking or vaping in public will definitely attract charges which will see you part with your money or freedom. Also using it in rental houses or other shared buildings will attract trouble as there is no licensure yet for social consumption.

The catch will be on the Federal Marijuana laws which categorizes marijuana as a level 1 narcotic together with coke and meth and heroin. It is however unlikely cause any confusion as long as users stick to the provided guidelines under the state regulations.

Many federal prosecutors, however, opt to focus on other deadly drugs such opioids.  Governors led by the Massachusetts head who have been stiff anti-legalization campaigners have waved a white flag and are now praising the good medicinal uses of marijuana. Surely the future is just too bright.

In the near future, we hope that marijuana will be fully legalized in the United States and if not soon at least during our lifetime.


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