Know The Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil Before Using For Pets

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Hemp oil for Pets

Nearly every home has a furry friend for whom pet parents are continually searching for alternative treatments to the typical harsh pharmaceuticals as age progresses. Pet owners want the best options for the animals’ health and well-being in conjunction with appropriate vet care. The natural herbal remedy inclusive of vitamins and supplements seems to be a favorite for safe, organic treatment with two options being hemp oil and CBD oil.

Each of the oils boasts being beneficial in the treatment of many ailments for humans. But they tout to assist in certain conditions for dogs and cats as well with a vast array of products sweeping the market, see pethempcompany. While both of these oils derive from hemp and cannabis plants, there are significant differences in their development process and their benefits. You must know how each works before you select one for use with your pet.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

Hemp oil and CBD are oils extracted from the hemp and cannabis plant, but they are made in different ways with each having different uses. For you to use the products effectively, it’s essential to establish why the pet needs the oil. The more nutritionally-based hemp seed oil offers some health advantages but leans towards diet. CBD hemp oil is more medicinal with the suggestion that a vet provides a pet owner with appropriate guidance for use. Both notes to be beneficial for animals but with different advantages.

Understanding CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD hemp oil is the extraction result from the cannabis plant’s flowers, leaves, and stalks. The oil is free from THC or the psychoactive compound, but it’s not wholly free from all the cannabinoids that have the potential to bring stress to an animal.

Understanding Hemp Oil

Hemp seed oil is the result of pressing hemp seeds. The compound consists of high levels of amino and fatty acids, protein, and low levels of CBD. There are no psychoactive components or cannabinoids in this product, allowing it to be given safely to any pet and added to their food. Learn how this compound could help your dog.

CBD Oil Benefits For Pet’s Health

CBD boasts as offering medicinal help for pets, whether they are suffering pain due to joint stiffness or tend to stress from changes or loud noises. CBD oil notes to assist in the relief of anxiety and discomfort as well as a multitude of other advantages for a pet progressing through the aging process.

  • Treatment of stress and anxiety.
  • Assists in fighting cancer.
  • Assist with appetite and fighting nausea.
  • Epilepsy/seizure treatment.
  • Assists with inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Pain relief.
  • Assist with chronic inflammation and levels of blood sugar.
  • Autoimmune disease reduction.
  • Aids with neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Aids with the nervous system.
  • Cardiovascular health maintenance.
  • It helps with joint pain.

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits For Pet’s Health

Hemp seed oil touts to be a lighter variety from CBD hemp oil. It’s not as strong in comparison but still provides benefit to pets health with no need for concern about THC or psychoactive elements.

  • The immune system boosts with this oil.
  • Skin and coat health improves.
  • Reduces joint pain.
  • The high amino fatty acid and protein elements provide a nutritious component for your pet.

Disadvantages For Using The Oils For Pets

Studies to this point have taken place on rats, and research is still ongoing. There are precautions advised before application to your pet, particularly without consultation or supervision from a vet. It’s vital to ensure that the hemp oils you choose have approval from the vet and comply with organic standards.

The guidelines stipulate that a dog or cat is never to have a cannabis product containing THC. The compound is toxic to pets, so it’s imperative to purchase components formulated for dogs or cats. The suggestion is to buy tinctures that boast of being the safest as they receive the most processing. And always follow dosage instructions provided by the vet. Some side effects to watch out for when using hemp products with an animal:

  • Body tremors
  • Dizziness/disorientation
  • Low blood pressure
  • Oversleeping
  • Increased thirst

The adverse effects are rare, but you should pay attention in case there is an instance. If you notice any of these signs in your pet, reduce the use of the product, and contract the vet right away.


In trying to take care of your animal, you need to understand the way the products work. Consulting with a vet before initiating any treatment for your pet will ensure that you choose the optimal treatment for their particular needs. As a means to boost the diet, the hemp seed oil is the most beneficial, and CBD hemp oil can potentially assist with their stress and pain. Whatever their particular ailments are, there are alternative remedies to the harsh pharma medications on the market.


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