Is Pot Getting Stronger?

By May 15, 2015Marijuana Facts


We never really covered this topic in the past but it is an extremely important issue to discuss. You probably know that weed has been getting stronger over the years. Specifically, all the way from the 1970’s to 2015. In the early days of ganja consumption, you could puff away all day and be slightly high. However, today, sometimes all you need is a couple of puffs and you’re couch-locked for the next two hours. Obviously, this really varies depending on the fact whether you smoke every day like crazy or just puff occasionally. Regardless of that, it is a fact that weed is getting stronger. So, how high is high enough?

Marijuana Breeders

Well, to understand the answer to that question, it is essential to understand how weed got stronger in the first place. The whole evolution process was fairly simple. Marijuana breeders simply did their job and over the decades kept crossbreeding the most potent strains of marijuana. Eventually, they got to Super Lemon Haze, which has had a reputation of being the strongest weed ever. But people who have tried the infamous Alaskan Thunderfuck would disagree. Either way, it seems that everything needs to be a pissing contest so the battle for the strongest strain of marijuana will continue probably forever.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Oh yeah, just for comparison sake: in 1978, marijuana had a THC percentage of 1.37%. Today, the strongest strain of weed is easily over 25%. That says a lot about crossbreeding. At the moment this article is being written, the strongest strains are Chiquita Banana and Gorilla Glue 4. I love those names, as if those strains were created by the same company (which they weren’t) and that makes things even more bizarre. You don’t have to be a neurosurgeon to realize that yes, indeed, pot is not only getting stronger but is achieving that at a higher rate than ever. If we’re at 33.5% right now, then that means we’ll easily be at 50% in 5 years time.

THC & CBD Upgrades

However, what is truly fascinating about this whole evolution of weed is the fact that once we up the THC and CBD on the strains, will that make them stronger when they fight cancer? Could this mean that we could actually finally engineer something out of nature that will end a major illness? The future is going to be exciting, without a doubt. Marijuana engineering is stronger than ever and if the whole legalization movement continues to thrive, who knows what else marijuana can bring to the table. The good news is that as soon as we legalize it and declassify it from that awful Schedule I Drug class, the sooner we can start heavily researching this wonderful plant that obviously has much more potential than we initially thought.


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