Is Missouri About To Legalize Marijuana?


Legalizing marijuana has become a fruitful activity. It’s quite similar to investing into bio fuels, a business opportunity of the future, so to speak. After Colorado and Washington became pioneers of the movement, it seems that everyone wants a piece of the marijuana pie. Well, anyone liberal enough. You certainly won’t see Kansas vying for legalization of marijuana anytime soon. However, while Kansas and Arkansas won’t be rethinking their marijuana policy anytime soon, Missouri seems to be taking itself quite seriously, almost as seriously as New York or Maine, states which truly plan on legalizing marijuana in the near future.

Show Me Cannabis

The advocates of the marijuana legalization movement in Missouri are an association called Show Me Cannabis. SMC consists out of organizations and individuals, all working together towards the same goal: to legalize marijuana. Recently, they’ve been having public discussions on the subject all across Missouri, hoping they might get the marijuana legalization issue on the next year’s ballot. During the discussion, which involved members of SMC and TNNCC (The National Narcotics Officers Coalition), questions regarding legalization were addressed over the course of a 90 minute debate. Audience participated and most of them will probably show up for the ballot vote in 2014.

The Debate

However, the outcome of that voting is left to be seen since about 50% of the audience that attended the debate was in favor of legalizing marijuana. The other 50% were either neutral or against marijuana legalization. Regardless, both halves have the same goal in mind – to end drug abuse. The only major difference is how they approach that problem. Marijuana has always been a tricky issue and for Missouri, it doesn’t really matter that Colorado and Washington are at the forefront of marijuana legalization because Missouri is not a liberal state and the very fact the town is split in half over the marijuana debate is considered to be a great success.

Profit Margin

To put thing in perspective, the top cash crops in Missouri are soybeans, corn and hay. Combined, these three crops amount to about $2.5 billion a year. That sounds monumental for any state. Marijuana is going strong just behind those with an estimate yearly crop of $340 million. It’s quite evident how much of a boost to the economy that would present. Even though Show Me Cannabis is not the most influential cannabis association in the world, their actions seem to be changing things for the better and hopefully 2014 will be the year their efforts will truly shine because they are not just focusing on liberal states like Maine or New York. No, SMC actually had the courage and the resources to approach the more conservative part of the U.S. And we applaud them for that. We have until next year to see how the ballot plays out so we’ll keep you posted in the meantime.


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  • Shannon Ernsberger says:

    I believe that it should become legalized in Mo., I have a severe form of Ptsd. In todays age and present war going on millions are suffering from PTSD, and other injuries and mental problems, that Cannibus has bee proven is healthier for you than having to take 6 prescription medications everyday to help control my severe PTSD. LEGALIZE MO., and all other states immediately ill not only help me , but millions of vets, and others that suffer severe medical , and brain trauma related disorders., and being used like guini pig for over decades by Dr.s prescriptions pills, that all have horrable side affects, that I have experienced for myself. I know personally thousands of people in Mo. that feel the same way I do, and have experienced the pharmacitical merry go round, that Dr.s in this country are putting us all through. In fact most, and many Dr.s our putting people on heavy narcotics and pyshc drugs that if I lost my medical coverage, or as forced to change Dr.s someday I ould go through medications withdrawls that could kill me. I want to know as somebody who has never voted ever as a 43 yr old women, here and when is this law going to be voted on in Mo. in 2016 . I kno hundeds of people personally in Mo. that want this info. also….Please help Mo. residents, make majijuana legalized to help us that suffer daily, and is way safer than any alchohol, narcotics, or prescribed pshychiatric medications..It shouldn’t be legalized in some states, leaving others all over the country to be forced to relocate, or continue down the same path everyday of our lives finding no relief , only truly dangerouse Dr. prescribed drugs, being used as a guini pig like myself for over a decade. PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING FOR THE LAS IN AMERICA TO BE CHANGED REGARDING MAJIAUNA LAWS, PRESCRIPTION NARCOTICS AND ALCHOHOL IS FAR WORSE ON PEOPLE, THAN THC..KEEP IN MIND I HAVE NEVER VOTED IN MY LIFE, BUT ILL BE THIS YEAR, 2016. DON’T CRITISIZE WHAT YOU DONT KNOW, HELP ALL AMERICANS AROUND THE USA NOT HAVE TO BE AND STAY ADDICTED TO PHARM. DRUGS AND BE USED LIKE A HUMAN TRIAL GUINI-PIGS.

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