How To Choose The Right Dab Rig

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choose the right dab rig

Vaping and dabbing are the latest styles in cannabis consumption. Dabbing is becoming a very popular way to consume cannabis nowadays. The effects are felt immediately and the taste dabbing provides is clean and strong. If you’re already familiar with the trend of dabbing, you must be aware how much important is to have the right dab rig. There are certain basics that you’d need to keep in mind while selecting the dab rig. The right type of dab rig will actually improve your dabbing experience. Therefore, it is essential to choose and use the right dab rig to get the best of the dabbing experience.

There are multitudes of options available in the market. So before exploring all of them go through these important points once. When looking for a high quality dab rig the keys to look for are:

The Right Style and Size

Dab rigs are available in a variety of styles. It is very important to select the right one. For beginners, we’d suggest that they should not select any style that is tricky. The beginners should start with something which is very simple in style. Once you get or feel comfortable with the process of dabbing, only then you should try the expensive pieces. One thing we would like to mention is that the smaller rigs preserve more flavors and tastes better as well. So, keep this little thing in mind before selecting the dab rig.

Torch Matters

Torches are used to heat up the nail. There are a variety of handheld torches available at different price ranges. Never compromise on the quality of the torch. A cheap torch neither lasts long nor gets as hot. Henceforth, it is a waste of money to invest on a cheap torch. Invest in a high-quality torch and get set ready to set up the perfect dab. Be sure to buy a butane torch from a trustworthy online smoke shop.


Bongs, also termed as water pipes are an essential part of a dab rig. They are available in a variety of sizes. The most important thing that comes into play while selecting any bong is its size of the opening in the downstem. Downstem is the part you place a bowl at. This size also determines the size of the nail you’d purchase. Downstems usually come in sizes such as 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, and also in 29 mm.

Choosing The Correct Nail

You cannot use a dab rig without using a nail. The nail holds the concentrates and allows them to be heated with a torch. Don’t forget to match your nail size with the ideal bong size. Some nails have a better capacity of heat retention, whereas others will provide good flavors. Many consumers who use dab rigs feel the need to add accessories and tools such as titanium nails, dabbers and reclaimers. The three most popular types include titanium nails, quartz nails, and ceramic nails. Avoid glass ones as there are chances that it would break easily when heated. Titanium nails are an excellent choice and a standard choice for all the beginners. They have consistency and durability is longer which is not present in any other variety. Quartz Nails are more durable than ceramic ones. However, quartz nails can break easily on contact. As dabbing has gained in popularity more nail options are available in the market, including electronic nails (or -nails), which are a great option for those who want torchless dabbing.

The Right Dabber

Dabbers are the tools that one uses to place the concentrate onto the nail.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You must buy titanium or quartz dabber. Avoid paper clips and coat hangers as they are risky and you can get sick from metal poisoning.


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