How to Choose The Best Smoking Pipe

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choose best smoking pipe

There are a lot of smoking pipes on the market and it can be hard to choose between them.  If you are looking for the right smoking pipe, there are several factors that you need to consider.  These points will ensure that you are able to choose smoking pipes that are right for you.

Buy Smoking Pipes You Like

The first step to buying a smoking pipe is to buy one that you like.  While this might seem fairly easy, you will often find that there are a number of pipes that you like.  It is important that you take a look at a lot of different pipes to ensure that you know exactly what you like and what you do not like.

When you are looking at pipes, you need to consider the look and the feel of the pipe.  There will always be one aesthetic that you like more and that feels the most comfortable in your hand.  If the pipe is not comfortable in your hand, you will not want to use it and this defies the point of buying one.

Look At The Mechanics

Once you know the aesthetics that you like in a smoking pipe, you have to look at the mechanical aspects as well.  Looking at the mechanics will help you find a pipe which is well made.  The first aspect that you should look at is the alignment of parts.

High quality smoking pipes will have precision in their alignment and will have perfectly smooth airways.  There should be no disruption in the smoke stream because this will cause major issues when you use the pipe.  However, it is important to note that there are some pipes that have a moisture trap in them which is part of the design and works very well for some people.

When looking at the mechanics, you should also look for fills.  This will be any large pits or holes in the pipe which have been filled with putty.  While this will not hamper the experience with the pipe, it will cause issues in the appearance as the pipe ages.

You should also look out for metal filters which are inserted into certain smoking pipes.  These inserts will be in the stem and often cause condensation.  This will result in a wet smoke and a noisy pipe which is something that you want to avoid.

The Financial Consideration

Before you look at smoking pipes, you need to have a budget.  This is important because pipes can vary in price from very cheap to extremely expensive.  You need to know how much you can afford to spend on a pipe and stick to this.

You should also look at getting the greatest value for your money.  This is important because not all of the most expensive pipes will be the best for your smoking experience.  There is a chance that the cheaper pipe will be more comfortable for you and will give you a better experience than the more expensive ones.


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