Hope for Canada’s Marijuana Legalization


Canada’s general elections have indeed gone smoothly but with a landslide victory for the Liberal Party. This is good news for marijuana enthusiasts because Justin Trudeau, the president of the party, supports marijuana legalization. Naturally, the Conservative Party of Canada can now step down and take their marijuana prohibition ideas with them. The Liberals are now not only faced with corruption, the economy and TPP but also marijuana legalization. According to the party’s manifesto, they will indeed legalize and regulate marijuana.

In addition to that, they will make sure that access to marijuana is still restricted so younger people will have a harder time getting access to it. However, this move will eliminate a bunch of unnecessary incarcerations, which literally clog the justice system, while on the other end – illegal drug trade was flourishing. That is the basic gist of it – to remove weed from children’s hands and eliminate any profit that drug cartels might make. Personally, we think that is a great approach and a task force will be formed to enforce these new rules, along with experts from substance abuse, law enforcement and public health.


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