Growing Cannabis As A Business Venture

By April 25, 2018Articles, Marijuana Laws

In recent times, the business of cannabis is growing more than we anticipated. People have gone into it with the idea of making money from it as it yields income. In the United States, it has become one of the fastest growing businesses and often used recreationally.

Cannabis, can be used in two different ways, either medically or recreationally. It is often advised that cannabis should be taken for medical reasons through the prescription of a doctor.

Cannabis, it itself, is also known as marijuana which is gotten from cannabinoid plant and consist of a high tetrahydrocannabinol THC which makes one liable to a stoned feeling, excitement and abnormal behaviour. Cannabis have been said to help to relieve the pain of people suffering from diseases like cancer, depression, Alzheimer, chronic pain, Glaucoma, epilepsy and inflammatory.  Though this have not been proven medically but have been testified by people who suffered from such ailment. Patients who have to take cannabis is always advised to seek the counsel of the medical doctor and know the dosage of use to avoid addiction.

For recreation, Cannabis have been banned by the Federal Government but most States in the United States have considered it legal but have stated clearly that it can only be grown as a personal use but never commercial. Its illegality have hindered the growth of the research done on the plant.

How many States have legalized cannabis?

Although stated as a constant of abuse, cannabis is been grown in most States that have legalized it like California, Massachusetts, Maine, Louisiana, West Virginia and a few other State as a business venture. Though most States have tightened the law on the usage of cannabis and growing it within the States but these have not stopped it from using cannabis as a medical cure for most diseases.

So, it is very important to find out and read the law guiding the state before venturing into cannabis business enthusiast are delving more into the business. This is because cannabis is a growing business venture that is worth more than $4.7 billion and expected to grow more than $11.3 billion in 2020. The cannabis have become very attractive and it is already catching the eyes of investors to it.

Most entrepreneurs have a major benefit when it comes to growing cannabis though there involvement in the business has been generally small. This is because they groom it, trim it, process and sell it.

The obstacle in growing cannabis

The main obstacle to growing cannabis in the business industry is the Federal regulation which have not given researchers the chance to dig deeply into what can actually be gotten from cannabis. Even though many States have legalized cannabis, the Federal regulations stops the entrepreneurs from going public about it. Its restriction have caused the industry more harm than good.

So if the cannabis industry is to be grown, then there is need for the federal regulation to ease the law and align with most States who have made it legal for medical and recreational reason. This will encourage investors to invest more in the industry and thereby grow the business. This is the main point because cannabis needs to be grown and molded in such a way that it moves away from relying on heavy cash but can stay as a profit earning business.

But before this can be done, the industry, after getting the federal regulation needs to secure its place in the financial market or institution. If this is done, the cannabis market will start to bloom and once the changes are noticed by people, it will be an avenue to attract even more investors into the business.

And this will mean, having more products made from cannabis in the market with its full benefits and extraction done and more products will even be manufactured from the products already in the market made by cannabis.

Because of the substance abuse, it is quite understandable why the Federal Government have restricted its public use and knowledge. Though the circumstances surrounding cannabis is been looked into as most people in the country now know and understands its effects and cause. There is just a long lot of benefits which can be gotten from cannabis and its manufacturing.


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