Fun Things To Do When You Are High

By October 31, 2017Marijuana Facts

Getting high makes one feel over the moon making them do things a little bit differently including waking up routines. On some occasions, it is possible to go way above and not even think of something to do. We have your back at such times with activities and great stuff to engage in when you are high.

 Cleaning your House

  • Cleaning is an activity that you may not think off when getting high, but at least you should. Cleaning while high is a very good way to zone out and it makes you more thorough and, this will leave your flat or house clean, making you feel awesome. Once your space is clean, you will get a greater feeling of accomplishing something even when stoned, you deserve it so roll another one.

Listening to music online

  • Often when you get blazed, you may be well prepared to remember to put on a track or at times forget about it. Having a good mix in the background makes a stoner’s session to be the best. Listening to old or new music is the best while high. Our preference to listening to a chilled stoner mix on YouTube or a radio station is because while you are blazed you would prefer music that will play with minimal disturbance of the mood or change through genres too rapidly. This will help you not to constantly worry about the track to pick out or the music to listen to.


  • Brainstorming is a good way of spending your stoner activities time while stoned. The best thinking sessions are on weed, whether you are thinking about taking over the world or your next business venture. As noted some of the great minds smoked pot these include; William Shakespeare and Steve Jobs. When you are high, you are able to see things in a different perspective and visualize goals more clearly than a sober person. You should ensure to re-evaluate the plans you have when you are sober as sometimes plans made while high can be a little unrealistic and outrageous. You should be cautious when brainstorming with others while high as not to get off track or you may find yourself talking about other things like Trump rather than getting work done.

Fast food (Junk) and Soft drinks

  • It is highly believed that Burger King was designed just for stoners. A burger and chips taste good after a getting high, it may be the fat content in it, the salt or whatever it is eating junk food while stoned tastes and feels great as one of the best stoner activities. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are examples of soft drinks that taste better too. The caffeine content gives you a little kick to stave off the laziness. Fast food may just make sense to stoners because no one would want to put a struggle in cooking a large meal baked out of his mind. Also there is a free delivery of pizza in most places, same to your dealer.

Indie Video Games

  •  Playing indie games remains to be one of the best activities to, undertake while high. Installing steam is a must do if you want to experience awesome indie games. It will have you hooked immediately. We have established that it is more engaging to play the video game, as one is able to follow the storyline closely. It’s even easy to appreciate things more an example being a soundtrack. The only disadvantage is if you get pawned in a few rounds of a DOTA or LOL game.  When smoking pot, you cannot play First Person Shooter unless you are a well-trained stoner or a pro.

Energizing activities

  • It may come as a surprise that exerting energy can be a strategy after smoking. We found out that playing games such as roller hockey, soccer, and football can be top of the list of things you do. The dopamine released while one is involving themselves in an activity helps a set of chain reactions in the body. This will get you to feel on top of the world. Keep yourself active while engaging in stoner activities with your buddies. Get outside a little because blazing indoors all the time can lead to laziness and depression.

Binge watching a series/movie

  • Watching movies and binge-watching old series that you have never noticed before is an age-old favorite amongst stoners. The best bundle of joy is while stoned and you come across a new (But old) series that you have never noticed before after a period of scrolling down through Netflix wondering what to watch. At the end of the day you end up watching the 2 full seasons and you smoke a joint. You are left wondering how this happened, but you got high of course. This feeling is well known by the best stoners amongst us all.


  • Visiting planetarium while high is fantastic. Zone out and have a look at the stars. You will get a greater appreciation for everything including life and the universe when you look at the universe while stoned. The set times that normally occurs in the planetarium and the shows Morgan Freeman narrates will blow your mind while stoned. It is advisable to carry some edibles in case you need re-dose during prime scenes.


  • Sex is always viewed as one of the top things done sober but it goes without saying that one of the ultimate stoner activities is having sex while high. A couple that smokes is proven to have better and more sex this is because marijuana is known to make sex better. Ensure to have plenty of liquids during sex to rehydrate and eat some fruits after so as to get back your electrolytes.



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