Fox News Reports On A Dangerous New Marijuana Product

By October 27, 2014Marijuana Facts


“Warning! It looks like lip balm, but it’s not. Cops say it’s a dangerous new drug called Wax. It’s made from the oils of marijuana plants. Must see pictures here. Please warn all your friends too, especially if they have kids.” Did that capture your attention? Are you scared of the new drug? Read on and prepare to be even more scared. Way more.

Salacious captions running over Internet

Sorry to disappoint you. That was just a filthy caption under the photograph of Delta 559’s Bogglegum Super Melt as it appeared on a Fox affiliate’s Facebook page generating 25,542 comments, 200,377 shares and 22,856 likes so far. Why are they doing this? Let’s start from the beginning. The picture was taken from a site called Stuff Stoners Like. Naturally, the owners of the picture have rushed to talk to the representatives of the esteemed TV network. They spoke to Carolyn Forrest, Fox’s VP of Legal Affairs. She explained that their affiliates had a right to use it because people of the law showed it to them as evidence in part of an investigation in Georgia involving high school kids and concentrates. Fox reported about the “dangerous new marijuana product that looks like lip balm, but packs a big kick”, which basically meant that the concentrates were super potent, easy to transport and hide and look like “lip balm”. Speaking of slow news day – how else can you call an article that speaks of how drug dealers are peddling a new marijuana product called Wax. Guys, where have you been all these years? Seriously.

Support of the alarming article

News about the dangerous marijuana product has spread all over the country like fire. Many other responsible media outlets published similar stories some with the same frightening headlines “Dangerous New Marijuana Product Your Teen Could Be Using”. As if they were talking about plutonium or something similar. We can’t help but wonder, why on earth there is no someone, an individual such as Batman, or an organization that will supervise and punish these kinds of behaviors. Why? Because they’re false and because their only purpose is to generate traffic for the esteemed media outlets, so they could attract more advertising money, that’s why.

People care about this story

Folks from StuffStonersLike site have talked further about their conversation with Fox’s VP of Legal Affairs, who admitted the photo is generating more traffic and talk than the story of President Obama’s travel to Iraq. How insane is that? “People care about this story,” she said. Oh, how unbelievable. Could this be a result of the crazy caption? Instead of pulling down the shot at the request from StuffStonersLike, she had the nerves to add links back to their site and asked if they would be interested in speaking about legalization and the benefits of concentrates on the launch of a new Fox morning newscast in Philly next month. Well, it looks like we’ll be hearing more of this story, so stay tuned folks.


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