Everything You Should Know About CBD For Pets

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CBD For Pets

It’s been a long fight to get marijuana legalized. When we look back, just a few years ago, most of the population was against it. The people who consumed it were seen as outcasts or drug addicts. But, the tables have turned. The internet has been quite a helpful resource in that regard.

Through education articles, videos, and word of mouth, people changed their minds. Science is the way to go, and if something is proven to be correct and benevolent, there’s no point in denying it. Now, the hemp plant itself is constructed of a lot of different compounds. All of those have some sort of benefit.

However, the most beneficial part of it is cannabidiol. It’s the part of the plant that makes you relax. It also reduces pain and anxiety, and it has all of the merits. We, as humans, have enjoyed it because we have an endocannabinoid system. It’s recently been proven that dogs and cats have it too. So can this medicine help them also? Click here for more info.

How effective is CBD Oil?

Up until now, the Federal Drug Administration has not approved the use of CBD oil in humans, dogs, and cats. However, many people have tested it and report incredible results. As well as that, there is a myriad of forum posts related to the subject, and those are all positive too.

In essence, most people see a symptom in their pets that they have experienced. That can be pain or anxiety. This should not be confused with THC, which is also beneficial but can get them stoned. That’s very upsetting for every kind of pet. This ingredient is not present in oils.

A bunch of doctors and veterinarians have used it on their own pets. For example, at night time, some older dogs that don’t see that well can be a bit scared. As well as that, cats are known to be more anxious. They can be startled from fireworks, loud noises in the neighborhood, as well as traffic. Giving them a few drops will likely relax them and make them feel more comfortable.

Are there any potential risks?

Since the whole area hasn’t been thoroughly researched, there can be a few risks. One of the main ones is giving them a product that’s intended for human use. Those can be tainted with chemicals that are unsuitable for cats or dogs. As well as that, in pet-specific products, the concentration in dosage is decreased, so you can monitor and measure everything. Always go for trusted vendors such as holistapet or similar ones.

Most of the oils come as tinctures and droplets. You should always start off with a low dose and gradually increase it. Many treats are available if they don’t react to the oil that well. But, you should be careful because there are treats in a gummy bear form that are intended for people. It’s easy to put artificial sweeteners in those which can be potentially lethal for pets.

Final thoughts

As we know so far, everything points towards CBD oil being beneficial for pets. It helps to relieve them of stress, anxiety as well as pain, and arthritis. There are almost no studies done in this area, so before you do anything, it’s best to go and talk to your veterinarian. There may be other medicines to try rather than experiment in this new field.

If you choose to give your pets a few drops, carefully monitor the dosage. If they feel incredibly tired, then that’s too much. Start off with a relatively low amount, and increase it if necessary.


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