E-Cigarettes Leading Teens into Traditional Smoking

By May 11, 2018Articles, Vapes
E-Cigarettes Teens Smoking

The preferences can be anything. Whether it’s a kettel corn, Belgian waffle, sweet tea, or other innumerable superbly enticing choices, it’s primarily the flavor that cajoles and convinces Teens to vape, a new study from the University of Michigan suggested. Prevalence of vaping among youth grew rapidly and exponentially in the recent years. However what vaping substances, today’s youth normally captivate themselves with, is widely obscure and unknown.“Just Flavored’ substance are claimed to be the frontrunner in the vaping sphere followed by nicotine and marijuana. The tobacco industry has largely encashed on the popularity of the e-cigarettes as a modus operandi to hook and lure the next generation into these steadily evolving smoking cessation tools.The young generations are currently getting attracted to the coolness of quality flavorful e-liquid, like menthol, cappuccino, single-malt scotch, pomegranate encased in the vaping equipment, promoted and usedby manufacturers with much deserved aplomb and fanfare. The corresponding e-devices are much safer than the conventional smoking products, thereby keeping the addiction perspective at bay. Switching gears to vaping also lessens exposure to deadly, dangerous chemicals like tar and other carcinogens.

Electronic cigarettes commonly known in short as e-cigarettes are handheld devices delivering their content to a user through a fine mist or aerosol. Currently E-cigarettes are the most sought-after nicotine or tobacco based products among the young generation. They have an estimated vaping user base of approximately 3 million teens worldwide. The industry have garnered in towering acceptance, awareness and popularity with their easy and simple capabilities to help exit from smokingaddiction. But few contradictory studies also point out to possibilities, where e-cigarette users arelikely to fail twice while trying to quit smoking, from those who tried to get off without taking course through the aura of e-cigarettes. Checking out the online store Herbalize Store or Herbalize Store CA will offer a glimpse of everything related to vaping.

Teens who are accustomed to vaping don’t really possess the same characteristic traits of those who indulge in regular tobacco or nicotine smoking.Behavioral issues like impulsiveness, rebelliousness, poor academic performance, domestic squabbles, and lack of parental support which are common among standard cigarette smokers are less pervasive among their vaping counterparts. National studies and researches however suggestthat kids prone to vaping with lessrisk factors, may finally end up picking and trying traditional cigarettes as well, and may get severely addicted to them. This is not a proven fact, but the data, researchers working upon, are based firmly upon regularly conducted surveys among students.

The panel also gathered sufficient evidence through its studies and reviewed that presence of vaping may sometimes propel teenagers, young adults towards trying regular cigarettes as well. This consequently will put them into a higher risk of smoking addiction and that can be a dangerous tendency. These reports, their analysis and findings are consistent enough to indicate similar behavioral transitions. Some more research studies based on surveys conducted between 6th graders till 12th graders also hinted at situations where teens who e-smoked expressed interest to indulge in normal smoking as well.People who advocate anti-smoking have for the longest time argued on the lure of e-cigarettes and their potential to draw teens and young children to try vaping with kid-friendly flavors and feels. They also expressed concerns over how teen vaping may elicit an attention to try and take to traditional smoking, but have failed to provide any substantial evidence corroborating on the same. Any specific critical linkage has still not been vetted or established between users of e-cigarettes and normal cigarettes.It further was unable to ascertain whether young generation were contemplating cigarette puffs, just to have an instant temporary gratification or with an eye to become chronic smokers.

Whether the usage of e-cigarettes among teens can ever result into an advanced conventional smoking habit hasnow become the epicenter of an intensely debated storm in many countries around the world. The industry asserts that vaping practices are surely not the stepping stones to smoking addiction at all. Anti-smoking brigade on the other hand, insist that vaping makes young minds hooked onto nicotine and tobacco products over time. Reports notably profess that the devices are far safer than their regular counterparts with conclusive evidence and proof. There are absolutely no decisive scientific studies on the devices’ probable potential towards growth in levels of addiction. Hence atimely change-over toe-cigarettes can increasingly reduce exposure to life-threatening conditions and diseases, risks and after-effects which a normal cigar smoking individual reels underand fears forever.


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