Drug testing

Urine analysis is one of the most common drug tests done. Hair, blood or even saliva tests can be as well as used. In urine analysis, a sample is tested at the work place or at a third party lab with appropriate monitoring. Marijuana related compounds such as CBD(cannabinol), THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), tincture and other edibles are detectable in drug tests. Opiates, propoxyphene, cocaine and amphetamines are other drugs that are looked out for in drug tests. The highlights of this article’s contents include the span in which marijuana lasts in our bodies, options when faced with a drug test and the various tricks that are related to a number of drug tests.

Marijuana span in our bodies

In determining the span in which marijuana stays in our bodies, a lot of factors are looked at. Such include one’s weight, eating habits, metabolism and even when you last smoked/consumed marijuana. For a regular user, marijuana stays in the body for up to 90 days after usage. However, other people get clean in approximately 45 days while others may even be clean in 10 days. Hair tests trace THC for approximately the last 90 days of usage.

Myths and misconceptions for passing a drug test

Synthetic Urine-This is urine that is artificially made for the purposes of testing machines. It works perfectly and normally. It is found in many online sites. You can make one yourself by putting the right contents together in the recommended amounts (water, yellow food dye and creatinine). However, it is extremely risky as it has to be carried in a can. It can be difficult to use especially where there is strict monitoring.

Borrowing Urine-This may work perfectly. However, it is as risky as the synthetic urine. You may even borrow someone’s urine and it turns out to be unpure. On the other hand, some firms usually test for the urine’s temperature. This way they can be able to identify whether the piss is yours or you borrowed. It applies to the case of synthetic urine too.

Diluting-It involves adding an adulterant to your urine sample. Many think that this works but the adulterant is actually detectable. Sometimes, adding substances to your sample will tend to mask your it. Some add detergents which end up discolouring the urine. At the end of the day, the contents of your urine will be identified and you are likely to fail the test.

Home remedies-a lot of people are tricked into using stuff such as bleaches, vinegar or even certain concortions which are extremely dangerous to one’s health.


The safest method to ace a drug test is through cleansing or commonly called detoxing. Natural detoxing is ideal especially when you have time at hand (30-45 days prior to a test). This is done through abstaining, lots of exercise and a good diet. The body will naturally cleanse over time. For instance, THC is a fat soluble meaning some of this compound will be stored in the fat cells. If a good diet and lots of exercise are not engaged in, THC will be likely to remain in the body.

Detoxification Program-If the available time before a drug test is around 7 days, a program is recommended so as to speed up the body’s detoxification.

Same day cleansing-In case the notice of a drug test is very short, detoxification drinks will always do the trick. They will flush your system and keep you clean for a period of 6 hours.

A specialist who used to work at a drug testing lab states that it is advisable to refrain from drugs when you have a test due. There are exceptions in cases such as those where there are random drug tests. However, in most cases, enough signals(warnings) are received. Marijuana is the drug that will tend to stay in your system for a long time (3 months). Therefore, it would be prudent to refrain from consuming marijuana 3 months prior to a test. This will guarantee ‘clean’ urine.

Cocaine is likely to stay in your system for up to 4 days. To some, it may be out of your system in 48 hours. Heroin takes 2-4 days in your system. Alcohol is the simplest as it basically takes 24 hours to get out of your body system.

Drug tests can be a pain in the neck for many drug users. It contributes largely in the firing of some workers in certain companies. In other, it is a key factor in hiring. However, if one takes the necessary measures on time, they should ace the tests comfortably. On that end, it is important to note that for any drug user, 11 weeks should be enough to enable you ace a drug test.


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