Did The White House Lie About Legalization of Marijuana?

Is-Mexico-City-About-To-Legalize-MarijuanaIt doesn’t really matter if you have been following up on recent marijuana issues that have been sweeping the nation. Chances are, you probably read a couple of things about it so you’re familiar with the fact that the U.S. seems to be accepting marijuana on a general level. That’s right; it’s much more than a handful of stoned activists these days. People seem to truly understand the benefits of marijuana, albeit for medical or recreational use. And we’re not talking about people under the age of 21 but actual, responsible adults. However, the government’s interests always seem to be slightly different from the people’s and that’s not really astonishing or shocking. But now it seems that the White House is flat out lying about some of the facts that have been revolving around the legalization of marijuana.

The List We Have So Far:

For instance, the White House told us that consumption of marijuana is on the rise because the youth is neglecting the risks that marijuana brings. However, that’s not true. It is far more likely that only now we are somewhat more familiar with the benefits of marijuana than we ever were before. That is why consumption is up, because people don’t believe it’s that harmful anymore.

Then, they went on to claim that legalization of marijuana is simply not in line with public safety and health. The area of public safety and health is so broad you could fit a jumbo jet in it. Is it not in line with public safety and health to relieve pain when a patient is cramping up on the floor? Is it not better for the patient suffering from cancer to receive cannabis therapy rather than chemo?

At one point, the White House officials showed just how little they understand the market they are supposed to be regulating. They said that legalization would kill the market and its users because the prices would go down and usage would definitely go up. Prices and usage are not in direct relation to one another and it is idiotic to claim that the legalization will be the only thing affecting the price of cannabis. Even after all is said and done, nobody is going to slam a 1% tax on marijuana. Prices will vary, that’s the only thing anybody can be sure of.

But that wasn’t enough. Soon, the officials stated that marijuana can cause distorted perception, foggy thinking, decrease problem solving skills, etc. Unlike alcohol, right? Or…. prescription drugs, right? Or, the White House?! Yes, marijuana does all that, that’s why you don’t make plans when you are high. You stay at home or go for a walk on the beach. You certainly don’t go around splitting atoms.

Then they stated how past experience has shown that legalizing prescription drugs such as Oxycontin only increased the use of the drug. What makes you think that it wouldn’t be the same with marijuana? Oxycontin is the perfect example because this is basically low-grade heroin we’re talking about here and to compare this to marijuana only makes the White House loose its credibility. Don’t even get us started on the side-effects of Oxycontin.

And last but not least was the claim that legalization of marijuana would be such a huge burden to the Criminal Justice System that they simply wouldn’t be able to handle it. We believe it’s enough to just mention 60% of prisoners are currently serving time because of drug offenses. How the hell would legalization burden the criminal justice system then?

We’re not saying that all we’ve been hearing is lies and the government is trying to manipulate us to oblivion. We’re just suggesting you should think for yourself, take statements with a pinch of salt and question, well, everything.


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  • Barry Lynn Shelton says:

    Pork has more adverse health effects than Marijuana and yet no one is calling for a ban on bacon.
    Consumption of freshly killed pork products causes acute responses, such as inflammations of the appendix and gall bladder, biliary colics, acute intestinal catarrh, gastroenteritis with typhoid and paratyphoid symptoms, as well as acute eczema, carbuncles, sudoriparous abscesses, and others. These symptoms can be observed after consuming sausage meats (including salami which contains pieces of bacon in the form of fat).

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