Denver Having a First Permitted HempCrete Building Soon

By November 1, 2017Marijuana News

Recent cannabis news in the industry reveals that a Colorado building company is building a first time permitted HempCrete building in Denver. This is already a historic occurrence as this will be the first HempCrete building in the city. It has been stated that anyone is allowed to attend and help in the building of the new facility.

Definition of a HempCrete

  • It is amazing to find that hempcrete is something that is similar to concrete but instead comes from cannabis. The hempcrete is a product of a perfect mixture of the hemp plant, limestone and water. One would wonder why hempcrete is preferred over the ordinary concrete. Well, it comes with a set of its own benefits compared to the other materials used for construction purposes.Looking at the financial aspect, we may say that hempcrete is cheaper than using lumber. However, a closer look reveals that it is a bit expensive than most of the construction materials. This has been contributed by the fact that hempcrete is imported. This, therefore, adds to the total costs that are involved with this ‘weed; building material’. Maybe, if at all the material was being manufactured in the United States, costs would be fewer than they are at the moment. Hence, judging by the current costs, it would be better to use concrete as it is cheaper.

Advantages of HempCrete

  • Although from the word go it might look as an expensive option, this material has loads of benefits when used in construction. For instance, when you use this material, you will not have to worry about humidity and pest control. This is catered for by default. Another thing is that it is mold resistant. The use of hempcrete is also environmental friendly. It requires less energy in the process of building when using this material. The waste is greatly minimized.

First Permitted Structure

  • Hempcrete has constantly been used by architects in other parts of the world to create sustainable housing and living. For instance, Christina Griffin designed Hemphome; Tiny+ and hemp sheds with the help of finance acquired from Kickstarter. The building in Denver is being constructed by volunteers and the members of the LeftHand Hemp. The building process has already began a couple of weeks ago and its taking root. The builders speculate that it should be complete by October the 5th in the Park Hill neighbourhood of Denver. In addition, the volunteers are active participants in a hempcrete workshop. The aim of all this is to shed light to the entire world about the use of a cannabis mixture to create organic houses which as stated above are more environmental friendly and come with many other benefits.


  • Due to the destigmatization of weed in the state, organic and sustainable housing is taking root to the city of Denver. Many people in the state are embracing the diversity of the weed industry as a whole and its contribution to our daily lives. Colorado was the first to legalize recreational use of marijuana and is now one of the first to experiment with hempcrete. It is a great achievement for the state.


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