Colorado: Let’s Weed Out The Legalization Myths

By November 27, 2015Marijuana Laws, US State Laws


For the last couple of decades weed has had a bad rep and that’s no secret. It took a really long time for the plant to get back on its feet and it’s not really there yet. California didn’t really help in that regard either, with all the raids and arrests due to faulty medical marijuana regulations. However, in the last couple of years it seems that things are indeed changing for the better. One of the leaders in that front is definitely Colorado mostly because it serves as a perfect example on how to successfully implement marijuana regulations. Better yet, over 55% of Americans now wholeheartedly support marijuana legalization. So, with that in mind, it’s time to resolve some of the legalization myths that Colorado has so successfully debunked.

  • Marijuana Legalization Increases Teen Pot Usage

If anyone can show us statistics that prove the above-mentioned statement, we’re all ears. Or all eyes, whatever. But facts speak a different language and the fact of the matter is that ever since Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana, teen pot usage has been on the decline not only in those states but in the United States in general. But we get it, it is kind of logical to assume that legalization leads to easy access but the thing about marijuana is that the drug itself was never a problem but the legislation that surrounds it was.

  • Marijuana Legalization Spikes Crime Rates

Again, seemingly, this one is a no brainer. We understand why it can be obvious that this is perfectly logical and that there is no way around it. However, once you dig deeper into this topic, you realize that Colorado’s crime rates are actually falling. Specifically, the number of marijuana related arrests, murders, robberies, rapes, etc. Yes, the illegal cannabis market still exists due to higher prices in dispensaries. However, by legalizing it, the black market suffered immensely for it.

  • Legalizing Weed Does Not Boost The Economy

Again, making wrong assumptions will not get you far in life. One of the most pressing arguments for marijuana legalization was the fact that you can finally tax it. Taxing weed means more money in the state budget. More money in the state budget means that there are more investments available for education, more jobs for everyone and actual economic stability, which is no small feat.

  • Marijuana Will Not Lead To Legalization of Other Drugs

We’re not sure if this is a myth, an understatement or what but since marijuana is not a gateway drug it would be crazy to assume that it is going to lead to other drugs, even if it means solely in terms of legalization. However, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is about to make a public appeal to governments across the world to consider drug use and abuse a health issue, not a criminal one. Because in reality, the only way to stop the war on drugs it to legalize them. If you take a look at the cartels, they suffered a massive loss due to the marijuana legalization, which amounted to about $2 billion of income per year from the US black market alone.


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