CBD Versus Marijuana: Three Things You Need to Know

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CBD Versus Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is a hot topic across the United States. There are arguments over whether it should be completely legal, legal with a prescription, or if the Federal government should maintain its stance on marijuana and consider it an illegal substance everywhere. Everyone has their own opinion on the subject, and because of how intense the arguments can become, anything that has to do with the marijuana plant is quickly associated with the legalities of marijuana itself. The truth is that products made from certain parts of the marijuana plant are not illegal at all; in fact, they are available in stores and pharmacies nationwide. The leading product is CBD, or cannabidiol. Here are three things you need to know about what makes CBD different – and similar to – from marijuana. 

CBD will not get you “high”

CBD is a naturally-derived compound that does not contain enough THC to create the psychoactive properties that make traditional marijuana illegal. While CBD does interact with your brain, it does so in a way that benefits the human body and does not keep the brain from functioning at its best. Instead, CBD helps lower the brain’s responses to stimuli like stress and anxiety without dulling those receptors in their entirety. CBD provides people with relaxing qualities and will even help reduce pain, but it will not cause intoxication. 

CBD Vs Marijuana

CBD is mostly legal

At the federal level, both hemp and CBD are legal in the United States. At the state level, however, the story is more complicated. A little over thirty states allow the free consumption of CBD, while the remaining states places limitations on who is allowed to get the substance. You may be required to register as a medical marijuana user and get a prescription just to gain access to CBD in your state. On top of that, not all states allow all types of CBD products – edibles are banned in New York, for example.

CBD will still provide health and wellness benefits

CBD may not give you the same mind-altering feelings that marijuana does, but it is still a valuable product to have on hand. It is shown to reduce anxiety, stress, skin inflammation, and even relieve insomnia and pain. When CBD comes into play, the brain reacts differently to the stimuli that causes issues like stress and insomnia and is shown to provide relief for consumers. Some studies have demonstrated that CBD can also help with mental health concerns like anxiety disorders and depression. More research is definitely needed before it can be approved as a formal treatment, but it is clear that CBD will still offer relief to people struggling with everyday concerns.

The debate over marijuana may still be in full swing, but the jury has reached a verdict on CBD: it is both legal and beneficial, at least in the United States. If you plan to travel internationally, double-check before you pack CBD products in your carry-on, but when you’re at home you can purchase and use as many CBD products as you would like. To find out more about CBD, visit Cibdol’s webiste.


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