CBD Oil – An Excellent Alternative Medicine for Your Ailing Cat

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CBD Oil for Ailing Cats

Your pet cat is part of your family, and its upkeep and health are as important as that of your children. Like your children, your pet cat too gets unwell at times. When it does, the vet gives it the prescribed medication.

Like in humans, these strong allopathic medicines do have some unsavory side effects on your cat too. Since your cat is in no position to convey, you continue with the medication, irrespective of the suffering it may be undergoing.

Alternative treatment

People have started to explore alternative medicines for pets that were never considered previously by the medical fraternity. One of the alternative treatments involves the use of CBD oil since this natural product has proven effective in treating humans.

Although CBD oil has a positive impact in curing inflammation and other ailments in humans, there are no studies to show its effects on pets. This brings us to the question: Is CBD oil safe for cats and, if it is, what all ailments will it treat? But before this, let’s know what is CBD oil.

CBD oil

Of more than 100 active compounds contained in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol or CBD is the one found beneficial for medicinal use. In the cannabis plant, CBD exists alongside tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that gives a ‘high’! However, CBD doesn’t show any psychoactive effect.

CBD oil found beneficial in humans in curing ailments, is increasingly being used on cats too. According to one veterinary doctor, this oil is not necessarily used for healing diseases in cats but is used to enhance comfort and improve their quality of life. Like most human medicines, CBD oil should not be administered without the vet’s recommendation.

Is CBD oil safe for cats?

Despite the absence of any scientific studies on the effects of CBD oil on cats, most vets are of the opinion that this oil is safe for cats. However, there may be some side effects.

Cats, administered CBD oil, do suffer some physical issues, such as gastrointestinal upset and some sedation. These problems disappear by discontinuing its use. A more pressing issue is of overdosing that can have an adverse impact on your kitten’s health. Therefore, it is advisable to let a qualified vet handle the issue of dosage.

Is CBD oil beneficial for cats?

There is little doubt about the beneficial effects of CBD oil on humans. But, does this oil confer the same benefits to cats too? The good news is it does address various health issues afflicting cats. Despite the absence of research, the feedback of cat lovers, who had administered this oil to their ailing cats under vet’s guidance, is what proves it.

Let’s see the benefits of CBD oil on cats:

  •  Allays fear and anxiety

Cats do undergo stress that is exacerbated by excessive worry or anxiety. The apparent symptoms of this condition are their turning destructive, disappearing elsewhere other than going into their litterbox, pooping outside the box or excessively licking themselves to the point of losing their fur.

One of the cat owners, who used CBD oil to alleviate the above symptoms, was pleasantly surprised to find his cat responding well to this oil. It returned to its old self almost immediately.

  • Relieves pain

Seeing one’s pet in pain is undoubtedly heart-rending. Administering prescription medicines may not be very useful in helping the cat in managing pain. Also, the effect goes off quickly, putting the cat in the painful situation once again.

With CBD oil, the pain does not vanish. Instead, it eases their suffering to a large extent. This is because this oil relaxes the muscles in cats that alleviates pain.

  • Abates dementia

In humans, dementia is a severe mental disorder caused by brain disease or injury, that affects the ability to think, remember and behave appropriately. This condition is related to age and is seen mostly in elderly people. Likewise, cats too age and show signs of dementia.

One cat owner, whose dementia-stricken cat used to cry all night, fed it CBD oil and the results were most heartening. The cat became calmer as the severity of dementia decreased under the effects of this oil.

Is giving CBD oil to pets legal?

Most of the CBD brands for pets are legal across the US. This is because CBD oil is derived from hemp, which contains minuscule quantity (0.3 percent) of the ‘high’-giving THC. So, the bottom line is if the CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp, it is legal.


Although CBD oil is safe and legal to be used on your pet cat, it is crucial to consult your vet. He or she will recommend the brand and dosage of the CBD product. If your cat is ailing and prescription medicines don’t have the desired effect, CBD oil is an option you must try.




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