CBD in Australia: Laws and Regulations in 2019

By June 24, 2019Articles, Marijuana Laws
CBD in Australia law

While Australia has traditionally been a conservative country when it comes to cannabidiol and hemp-derived products, recent legislative changes have taken place and access to CBD just became much easier for local consumers. As the changes came mostly as a result of a recommendation by the Food Standards Agency of Australia and New Zealand, they had similar legal implications in the neighbouring country.

Changes in the Food Standards Code: What do they Mean?

Apart from the global discussion on the beneficial properties of cannabidiol, most of the recent changes in Australia and New Zealand came after the local Food Standards Code amended its list of safe products to include many hemp-derived substances. But what do these changes mean exactly?

First, it is important to highlight that not all CBD products can be legally consumed in Australia and New Zealand. The legislative changes only apply to those derived from the hemp seed, including tinctures, edibles and topicals. Products made from the whole hemp plant are still subject to stricter regulations and its access is limited for local consumers in both countries.

Among the substances which can be legally imported, sold and consumed in Australia under the new PI regulations, we can find hulled hemp seeds, hemp seed meals, hemp fibre and hemp seed oil only if the total cannabidiol content of the hemp seed oil is 75mg/kg or less and the total tetrahydrocannabinol content of the oil is 50mg/kg or less.

Furthermore, products containing hulled hemp seeds are permitted in the country as long as they do not contain any other drug, parts of the cannabis plant, CBD concentrations over 75mg/kg or THC levels above 50mg/kg.

While these changes might seem minor, CBD products in Australia and New Zealand are certainly being put on the spotlight. We can hope that both countries will soon join the efforts of European and North American nations to allow more people to enjoy their benefits.

Online CBD Businesses: A Booming Industry in the Region

As physical cannabidiol dispensaries are still not allowed to operate in Australia or New Zealand, the best option for local consumers is getting their products from online businesses. Australian CBD products are commonly exported to New Zealand and delivered right to the doorsteps of customers.

Before purchasing any cannabidiol tincture, edible or topical, it is recommended to read the reviews of previous customers and ensure that the business complies with all relevant quality standards and regulations.



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