Cannabis – The Drug That Makes You Want More


Have you noticed the high addiction of cannabis by people these days? It is on a growing reign and more people have gone into the cultivating of it since the industry booming and also for the fun of it. Besides, more States are acceptable towards it now as it is been legalized in most States.

Currently, under the Federal regulation of the United States, cannabis is considered illegal even with the proven medical solution that it has brought to people. Regardless of the regulation, many States have legalized it and granted the citizens the chance to grow it for their personal use and not for commercial purpose.

Smoking marijuana or cannabis is very easy and i can also say that it is a lot of fun. It does not naturally start, but by sitting or hanging out with friends and groups, you get a taste of it, gets hooked and keep coming back for another.

Most young people started smoking as early as at 10 to 12 years old, they are always pulled into it due to curiosity from watching older siblings or friends smoking it to trying it themselves.

Why young people smoke cannabis

Meeting young people and asking them how they started smoking, you will find out that smoking for most of them were due to peer pressure and some of them have this to say; I started it as early as 12 years old. When i’ll see my elder brother and friends smoking it and laughing, I will watch and one day, when nobody was watching, I tried out the one left by my brother. It didn’t stop as I went back to it again and again until it became a part of me. I always use it to relax everyday and since it never hindered me from performing my tasks then it was all good.

Talking with another, he said; whenever I’m smoking marijuana, I have this feeling of completeness that envelopes me. I do not see anybody and I can do anything at that time. In that feeling, i hardly talk to my girlfriend as i see it as a form of distraction. Like, i do not want anyone to interfere with my state then.

And another yet added; Marijuana helps me have a clearer picture or understanding of what I’m reading while reading. I cannot go to any examination sober, I have to take a wrap as it opens my brain to assimilate and understand my lecturers.

A teenage girl have this to say; I started smoking marijuana when I was 13 years old. I was forced into it by my boyfriend and his friends who were all 20 years old, I did not like it but the fear of rejection made me keep taking it. At first, they laughed at me but when i got a grip of it, they started using my dependence or addiction as an avenue to control what i do. If i don’t do what they said, I will not get a spiff. It went on like that till I seeked for help.

As much as some people might say that cannabis is not addictive because it does not kill when overdosed but leaves you very stoned and high, it is important to also note that anything you are dependent on, rules you. It leaves you helpless and some things you might want to do can be affected because of your addiction towards it. Anything that one is dependent on is not healthy at all.

But remember, addiction does not necessarily mean overdose but it is a mental dependence which can be equated to an illness making the user psychologically dependent on the substance for control. As much as people abuse it, cannabis better known as marijuana is very effective medically to the lives of people suffering from deadly diseases like Alzheimer, chronic pain, glaucoma, depression, loss of appetite, epilepsy, and cancer.

The easily relaxed and stoned feeling is the reason why people normally smoke it. To some it makes them to sleep or relax, others it helps them to understand things better, to some, it makes them talkative and if you are dying to get out an information from someone addicted to cannabis, you can only ask when the person is smoking marijuana. The marijuana or cannabis industry is growing really fast as people are getting more into its production.


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